“Don’t pray for a easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one” Bruce Lee

An experience is needed to gain awareness. A lack of awareness is needed to have and experience.
That metaphorically embraces the idea of a circle that leeds from one to another. In seeing that circle the idea of good and bad or a sense of accomplishment or failure is erased and instead a path that steers its own way can be seen.
So the dark is what allows the light and the lost is what allows something to be found. So to does awakening require a dream and enlightenment need an illusion.
Being or the circle is without a thought thinking it is. So in letting go of the thought, the circle comes back to itself. The circle can’t help but find itself as it is, as it is and not as some illusion in thought thinks it is. So thought doesn’t give way to being, as being always is. Thought, though, eventually isn’t and that end of thought is perceived in either fear of what it isn’t or acceptance of what it is. If “I ” doesn’t see that it is only a thought and not, what is, then when the dissolution of thought or what “I” thinks it is occurs, it will be met with fear because “I”, ego or self is only to the thought that thinks it. Once mind no longer thinks, then “I” isn’t. So having awareness of being, in the quiet of no mind, is what gives a peace beyond any understanding of what “I” thinks.
A letting go of thought, to be, then can be looked at as the creation of our fear. As we see that fear for the making of what it isn’t but thinks it is, we then can see the fear of letting go as the natural course of life or being and in that surrender we can be without fear of losing what we think we are. In that letting go, what is, simply is and nothing dies that is real.
Our life operates on many levels of awareness and unawareness. Being able to become aware of what we are unaware of increases our ability to relate to life and not the paradigms of thought, that create a false reality, we think in as good and bad. Seeing the circle of life and the contrast our thinking creates in our perception of reality can help us alter our reality by the way we perceive it.
There is a depth to our peception that is unmeasurable. That can be thought of, to the mind that thinks it, as a problem that can never be solved or it can be seen as a light that can shine without an end in duration, intensity and distance. To see that infinity of possibilities rather than a frustration in thought is based on the ability one has to let go of thought. That construct of letting go is a practice of challenging oneself to let go instead of hold onto what one thinks and in that exercise a strength to perceive what one can’t imagine is achieved.
It isn’t difficult to prove there is a infinity to our perception of life and a infinity of perceptions to percieve that infinity in. It is endless in anyway “I” thinks it in. To simply see, has an infinity to its depth. How far we can see into the Universe or our own mind? The only limiy to either is the one we set. What ever we are perceiveing we can always take it to another level. Challenging ourselves to become aware of the levels of awareness we are unaware of is a process that expands as we do it. The thought that clings to what “I” thinks, is held by the mind that thinks it, with fear. Seeing that fear in that light creates an awakening to the infinity of the intelligence of life. A door we didn’t know was there and by letting go of what we think or our fear, we then walk through that door.
So as the fear of what ever we think we are, is being experienced in a sense of loss; by letting go of that fear and embracing reality or life, we then are on the precipice of awareness or the circle coming back to iteslf. An experience awakening to awareness.