“The Devil is in all of us, especially when we think we are right” TFG

   To be right, someone else has to be wrong. To think of our self as virtuous then someone else has to be sinister. To consider oneself generous then another has to be a miser. Each side of the coin is owned by the mind that thinks it and in that power is the creation of Heaven and Hell.

                        The Master and Margarita, “And who are you after all? — I am part of the power which forever wills evil and forever works good.” Goethe’s Faust

   In that awareness it is reasonable to deduce that one is so the other can be. I am so Being can exist. Being, presence, consciousness, duality or what ever pseudonym fits your thinking is because a thought that isn’t, thinks it is. Awareness can only exist in a illusion that thinks it is.

     That concept of thinking points to a staggering waterfall most people do not want to go over, so not letting thought be seen in a overwhelming awareness is soothing because of its ignorance.

    Realizing though that there is a reflection that allows one to be perceived in a consciousness of thought is palpable without necessarily loosing the identity of “I Am” or who you think you are in a Ocean of omission. That is to say you can allow yourself to come close to the edge without going over and see that there is something beyond anything you can know. There is a oneness that cannot be known that “I AM” perceives in a limited understanding of mind. And in that awareness it is possible to see that everything that could ever be imagined is in the mind that thinks it.

    It’s when we build a wall of thought between what we think is and what we are, that we then create a division in us that allows for a thought to be and that separation between being and the  thought thinking it is, is the wall that blocks us from what we truly are. That minuet thought of initial separation is what creates us and them. By seeing Hitler in us in the small things or a man torn between a pledge to Rome and the death of a man who spreads love is how we can see in our judging of others how we all killed The Kennedy’s and in that compassion we don’t point a finger or raise our voice. We become still and see inside our self the world about us.

    The Devil lives in “I AM” thinking it isn’t capable of a horror like genocide or uncaring enough to take the word of Love and smother it on a cross. By denying the Evil of our past in our self we create the Hell of today.

   There is a fear deep inside us that lives in a thought that isn’t real and we are afraid to uncover it and we rather leave it be then look at it and see it for what it is. By leaving it to be though we allow it to control us in ways we unconsciously don’t see. In that ignorance is the birth of the Evil we ignore in a way we think of as being right.

  We don’t have to understand that balance. All “I AM” has to do is see it and in seeing it, that thought that is buried down deep is seen for the hollow meaningless thought of what it isn’t but thinks it is. In that awareness infinity is, as everything has a depth that cannot be known. What ever we experience on the outside is from the inside.

   If knowing has a virtue that can be held in a thought. it might be that we all are capable of the horror we think we couldn’t be. In that surrender to what we think, we let go of the thought that clings to our mind like a leach to a vein. We suddenly be with out a need to think.

  We cannot live in the utopia of non-duality but we can practice stillness inside us that helps us to navigate outside us. In that vision of a compass, we are not destined to a path controlled by what our mind thinks but rather an intelligence that is beyond anything known.