“Nothing of him doth fade [There’s nothing left of him]

But doth suffer a sea change [He’s undergone a complete sea change]

Into something rich and strange [And become something rich and strange]

The Tempest, Shakespeare

      It is all around, in events, things and mannerisms. It’s a dance and everything is plugged into the same thing of nothing that what ever is, draws its inspiration from.

   Everything is dancing with something led by a Orchestra of nothing. A harmony that isn’t lost to a thought that needs to think something hears it.

  The something of nothing cannot change the dance or the harmony but as it sees it and embraces it, that something of nothing be’s. In that being “I” is the one with it and no longer is “I” a drop in an uncaring Ocean. Rather as “I” is without thinking it is. It is the “I am that I am” and in that absence of thought the Ocean is in the drop of water. “I” am so it is.

   The duality that lets go of anything that thinks it is,  surrenders to something more then I think. The play of creation is what “I” am before or after I think anything is. “I” am not doing. Rather “I” am witnessing doing. That doing or action that is because it is and not because “I” thinks it is.

   So the fear is the fear that clings to a identity in thinking it is and that is the fear of letting go of what “I” thinks it is. Which it isn’t  and that is why the fear is because it knows it isn’t.

   Let go. Let be as it is. There is nothing more then what is. Seeing that and how any thought that thinks it is, is not. Is how awareness can embrace the courage to not need to think who or what “I” needs to do or achieve. Rather let go of that need to be and let what is be exactly what is without any thought thinking itself something it isn’t.

  “Time is a storm of thought that is filled with nothing to do and in that void of thought a purpose to achieve something that isn’t is only the storm of thought that thinks it.” TFG




Out of stillness.

A dream.

A stirring.

Waking to the Real.”

David Carse

Perfect Brilliant Stillness