” It’s not good to take the easy path in life, I never do” Vincent Van Gogh, Vincent Van Gogh A Retrospective

If you look at anything we think, there is always another way to see what ever we think. Choosing to see that process in another way then the one that immediately comes to mind in life can be the start to seeing life with a deeper meaning then the one we initially think it in. Looking for more than what is on the surface opens a path inside us to see past the reflection we think in.

Seeing how our life can have a purpose to it that is not necessarily graded on what we or others think it is, is at first thought of as impractical and naïve but once we let go of that hook our thinking places in our ego, we come to see a world without the limitations we are use to thinking it in.

“Not everyone deserves to know the real you, let them criticize who they think you are”

Most of us don’t look inside us for a  meaning or a truth. We may say we do but that is merely a thought that is valued on what others think of us. Many of us search the world outside us to give us a peace and security we so desperately want inside us but we never find it. We let our mind hold us back and keep us at bay to what we think others think of us. If we look though at the people who have impacted the world the most in a selfless way, it almost always had been those people that were initially thought of as insane or some even died under the under the idea of many thinking them as a fool. When in actuality they were gifted with something most of us couldn’t see because our thinking created a wall we couldn’t see past.

Most of us often judge our life by the success we experience in life. Which is tantamount to the thoughts others think of us. So for many of us, it’s not until that mold of thinking is crushed through a perception of failure that we awaken to a awareness inside us of something more than a thought we think of our self. Only when we let go of those thoughts are we freed from that thinking that kept us a prisoner to our own mind.

“Your suffering will set you free”

So it’s not until we experience pain, hurt and a struggle in the life we live outside us, that we start to withdraw from that world about us. That fear and pain of the world around us is what often begins a journey of letting go of those thoughts we have to the world we know or the world we perceive around us. So our hurt and struggle is the catalyst that allows us to let go of what we think and walk through that fear our mind creates, and in that process we come to see what we could never know.

That paradox of awakening to a life through our pain is what can turn our life upside down and we no longer see the road less traveled as something to ignore or be afraid of. We come to look at was once our struggle or our fear as a opportunity to grow and discover something we didn’t know.

“Even though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no Evil’

Our true self isn’t something we need to create. We only need to let go of what we are holding onto, in order to find it. It’s what we are before or after any thought we might think we are. Finding that inside us by not letting our fear of what others think of us, control us, can give us a peace beyond our understanding. In that light we are not what we think we are, rather we are because we be.

The idea that we already are everything we could imagine to strive for and become taunts at our minds ego. A ego that thinks it is because of what “I” or others think it is. That thinking or ego based identity lives in fear and constantly needs to be fed. As only in feeding it, is it. The “I am” is the fear based reality that constantly needs to be validated in some external concept of thinking, what it is.

The “I am that I am” is the part of us that is a part of everything and by letting go we find a Dharma which is our connection to life.

“And there is a lady who shines a white light and is striving to show how everything still turns to gold. And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last, were all is one and one is all” Led Zeppelin, S.T.H.