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There will come a time for all of us, when we begin to die. It’s a process and not an event that start and ends. Most of us live life ignorant of the actual process. Many may go to church and have faith in a God that will take care of them, as though it’s something they know. That “knowing”, though, is the disconnect between living and dying.
In living you know. In death you no longer “know”. In life, you know because of a brain that thinks. So knowing, isn’t anything except the function of matter called brain tissue that thinks and assumes it knows because it thinks.
In death there is no brain to understand or know. There just is, what is. Which is everything or God.
God or nothing isn’t anything the mind knows. That place of no mind is the no thing, that allows some thing to be. In the being of some thing, no thing is perceived. The perception of no thing isn’t what no thing is. The perception is what the limited understanding of mind can perceive.
As we go through the stage or Bardo of dying our brain and the thoughts it thinks begin to leave us. The place of no thing or no mind begins to over take the diminishing mind or knowing.
The actual Bardo of dying isn’t an aspect of anything we know. Dying is a process of the aspect of life to death. As we are living so to are we dying and if we only think of life as something we know, then we gradually become more fear based as living turns to dying. The realization that what we think isn’t what we are becomes the fear of what we don’t know, the closer we get to death.
The no mind or nothing is the non duality that allows everything or duality to be. So if we embrace no mind, no thing or non duality, then we are what we are and not a thought that thinks it is what it isn’t. As Eckhart Tolle says “most people in life are willing to settle for the map instead of the land”. We are the land and we own it before and after any thought that wants to think itself real. The thought isn’t real so it’s obvious in that insight that to think anything is what we are, reduces us, from the everything we are before the thought that thinks something is.
For many people this stage or Bardo of dying is met with fear. As in life, if all we think we are, is what we think. Then, when what we think leaves us, we experience fear of what we don’t know. Most people don’t embrace no thing in life. Most are consumed with something. Even more to that, is that, a lot of people think the more “something” they have, the more they are. Or the better they are. So in that mind set of perception you can see how “the meek shall inherit the earth”.
If we don’t embrace nothing or no mind while we are living then death will be a suffering as everything we thought we were, will no longer be. The no thing or no mind that we are before anything we think, is over taking the mind that thinks it is and what we truly are will appear foreign and we will fight it and in that fear of what we don’t know, we will be attempting to push away what we truly are and have always been