Sometimes I feel like I’m living this life so I can say I did it. Other times I’m waiting for some part I think it is to end and something new to begin.
Am I holding onto something I know will eventually be done or am I waiting for the next part to start?

Sometimes it feels like one and other days it’s like the other. Either way though what ever I think now is, will someday not be, as its just a thought I think it is that lives in a fantasy of mind called time.
It’s kind of sad to know that what ever I am or am not  will pass and as it does so will begin something else, and that to will come to an end. In that mind set it can feel like torture. To know what ever I think I have, I eventually will not, as any beginning will always have a end.
If I choose to let go of what I think now is, I can see a circle that never started or began. It just always was or is depending on what I think or don’t think it is or isn’t.
The circle is, so what is can be.  I am is to Lila or the dance of God,