It’s, kind of, common thinking in Buddhism and other similar religions, that if you have to think yourself in a religion then your not what you think you are.

We all get bent out of shape in Christianity with idea of not believing in God. Yet we believe God is everything, which is a contradiction from the thought that thinks it. That is a break in the thinking that thinks it is. But it isn’t, it just thinks it is.

If you could see how all religions point at the same thing and the fundamentals that define religion often distort it from a vision of limitless possibilities to the limitations the mind thinks.

If God is everything then what separates us or “I” is the thought that thinks God. If the thought or mind didn’t think God, then God would be everything that it already is and the mind or the thought that thinks “I am” wouldn’t. It’s not that the mind that thinks (I am) “wouldn’t be” or “be anymore”. Which is implying that it is and then for some reason it isn’t. No, it simply wouldn’t, because it or the mind that thinks it, isn’t. It (mind) never was. It just thought it was. It is to itself and that is all it is. As the mind no longer thinks It is, then what is, still is exactly as it is. Except for the ghost of a mind that thought is was.

So, in that light, if you look at it, you can see the only difference between a God that I think is, or a God that is everything without a thought having to give acknowledgement for being what it already is, is a mind wanting to create itself by thinking it knows what already is.