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We all experience times that cause us to reflect and look at ourself with a discerning view and it is usually when we feel alone, lost, abandoned and/or in the dark.
It’s not easy navigating through certain times of our life. It can seem no matter how hard we try, the person we were is no longer able to steer us to where we want to be. Life can seem cruel, uncaring and hurt us at times when we already feel lost and scared looking at our feet.
Sure it can be helpful at times to find gratitude and see what we have that we don’t appreciate but it doesn’t always help and usually when it does it comes to us when we don’t expect it, because no matter how hard we try to be grateful sometimes the pain or loss doesn’t fade.
We have to feel the pain and loss to grow. We need to nurture that part of us that is hurting and not ignore it or look at it as though it’s a pity or a selfish desire to feel sorrow. We can’t always push sorrow away and when things hurt we need to feel the hurt. That ping pong path we may walk between feeling sorry for ourself and trying to find our way is the path that gives us depth and new meaning.

We need to break down the parts of our self esteem, confidence or sense of belonging in the world that is hurting us instead of helping us. That awareness has to come from inside us as it doesn’t matter what anyone tells us on the outside. It’s not until we see it on the inside that we can change it and our pain or struggle brings about that awakening to the part of us we have kept hidden inside us that unknowingly has been hurting us.
We need to realize that are struggle and our pain is there to help us grow in ways we could not with out it.
If we don’t look for an answer in our struggle and look into it to see what it is here to teach us, then we unconsciously ignore it or cover it with something that we want to make us feel better. The pain then will return as it has no choice, because the pain isn’t understood in a conventional sense that we want to think it in. The pain is something that will allow us, if and when we embrace it, to learn from it and become more of what we inherently are. That is the suffering that will set us free.
What we truly are, is what we have always been searching for but cannot see it because of the things we have learned to think, that cause us to search outside us, for something that is inside us. So the pain and suffering of loosing the things we think we are or have, create an awakening inside us that will allow us to fly higher then we ever have before.