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It’s because we want it to be simple is why it’s difficult

If we didn’t care if was difficult then it would be simple

What if we all are finding God in our own way. Then the highs and especially the lows are not what we think they are and it’s not till we stop thinking them that we see what message it is they contain for us.
What if God is not contained in the thought of a name or the thought of a religion. What if God uses the infinity of its intelligence to come to all of us in what ever way we need to understand him in.

What if the differences we find in accepting and rejecting other religions and cultures isn’t a reflection of Gods will but instead the ire of our egos need to think, “I am right and you are wrong”.
What if the idea of right and wrong only lives in our mind and God is outside our mind. Then the idea of a end and beginning, a loss and gain, a birth and death are not a literal concept but rather a figurative one and when you let go of a thought you think something is, then you come to see what was once a finite literal thought in a metaphoric way that transcends life in every way.
What if we looked at religion in a figurative sense and saw how each religion says the same thing in a different way. We then would not have any friends or enemy’s. Everyone would be teaching us in their own understanding of God and we would expand our limited understanding by being open to life instead of limited by what we think.
When will I get, to where I want be?
When I want to be, where I’m at.