There is nothing more depressing then “honestly” asking yourself if your life has a meaning.

The three pertinent words in that sentence are honestly, your and life. Honestly is simply stating the fact that the question is a question that you internalize instead of gloss over. Does the question run deep or is it a superficial dalliance of thought quickly ushered away by the next thought to enter your mind?

If you choose to walk into yourself and look at it, you begin to question what you have thought. To question it you have to stand on both sides of it, what ever it is. Was “it” meaningful or wasn’t it. To say yes you have to have first said no. By saying no, you looked at no and then said yes. So if you ask yourself if your life has meaning you then say no to every part of your life you thought had meaning and then say yes it has. If you blindly say yes then you never considered the question. You blindly looked at with superficiality and went on to the next thought.

Observing that then, the person who internalizes that question is the one who challenges them self to find more then them self in dalliance of thought. The artist is the depressed that looks to something others don’t and as they do they find a side to them self that isn’t them self. A depth that spawns the creativity that inspires the thought to be what it isn’t and that is seeing past what you think.

“We are who we are, having secretly decided who we want to be” Oscar Wilde

“your” denotes duality. I am observing myself, “does my life have meaning”. Is creating a stage to see it from. Well if that’s true then it is also true that one can not observe one. There has to be two in order for one to observe itself.  One isn’t unless something else observes it. So if “I” decides it is then it has to be because it allows something else to be. I’m playing a part to something.

“A man, to be a artist, of anything, food, what ever. It depends on how good he is at it. Creasy’s art is death. He’s about to paint his masterpiece.” Christopher Walkin. Man On Fire

So if “Life” has meaning it can either have meaning in duality thinking about what things it has done to credit itself. If it doesn’t have duality then the question is about whether “your” life has meaning as in whether life in itself with out duality. Just life and not some thought of it has meaning. It is before, thought, thinks it. It is not so something else is. It just is. Life by itself, is what is and it is not a thought to give it worth or approval.

That then is saying The Dickensian echo isn’t played for a ego or thought to approve. It is just so it is, as it is.