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How many ways is it going to be vocalized, the concept of duality. You don’t need to consider non duality, for if there is duality it has to be a reflection of something. That is what allows either to be. Other wise space is all there is. We tend to think of space as something. As though it is a reflection of something. That idea is a manifestation of mind. As mind needs to think and it only can think in reflection to something else.

Innately the mind thinks one but one doesn’t exist as one is compared to something else in mind. One outside mind is nothing. It’s space that never ends, never begins. It isn’t made of something. There are no electrons, protons, neutrons, no gasses, no atoms. No dirt, decay.

The mind can’t think that though. It has to think it in a reflection. To “think” space, mind has to think, the invisible chalkboard, that gives chalk a surface to mark. A canvass that isn’t that allows the artist to create.

What’s the something that duality is a reflection of? You can throws stones at how the two dance with each other for eternity with words that never touch it.

Plato, Socrates, Galileo, The Pope, Mohhamed, Christ, Buddha, you and I. None of us say it better then another. We want to think one does more then the other because the mind needs a ruler, a beginning and a end. If however Space or Nothing is the concept, it has no source, no thought that can hold it or show it so anyone who is pointing at nothing can’t show it more then another. As who or what is closer to infinity?  Who gets to the finish line first when there is no end? So the ability to be of no mind is the object of reflection that is never. It isn’t and because it isn’t what is can be.