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Another one of those times were you feel like giving up and your just counting days. Your tired of seeing yourself on some Etch A Sketch so you don’t have to feel the pain of your thoughts.
You feel like you have the bullets and the gun but no matter how hard, dedicated and patient you are, you still can’t hit the center or even the target.
Trying to find the sun and the moon in today as a thought that’s going to be my tomorrow , is past the idea of getting old.
The idea of checking out, be it a cardboard box or a knife in your heart doesn’t seem to mean to much
Trying to bring it home and cross the finish line so someone else won’t give up is a motto that today isn’t filling my cup
That thinking wants to stir the pot like it somehow has the answer if I look hard enough yet the idea of digging deep isnt doing much to soothe my aching feet.
So I look at the mess laying at my feet in thoughts that I don’t want to touch but I still pick them up and put them in a sack and throw’em over my shoulder as I know  I can’t deny them or push them away and somehow that worn out credo of acceptance of today is the key to a new way, makes sense but it feels like wearing three day old socks
So this to shall pass and with it may come a fake smile to pretend today is okay.
Live for another day and don’t give up. If for nothing else I can sit here now and feel helpless but carry on just so I can be here tomorrow to see a new dawn.image