It’s nice to believe in something that gives you hope. It’s comforting to see things that give you hope.
What’s truly empowering is turning hope into a reality by being able to see how to apply yourself in a way that gives you a formula to achieve your hope.
If we choose to believe life happens for a reason, then we are telling ourself that we are meant to be exactly were we are. When we embrace that concept we then look at Now as having a purpose for us regardless of how Now appears to us. That in turn changes our perception of Now from a judgement of our mind, in a thought. ie. This is good or this is bad to something more then the limits of what we think.
If we look then at how we are thinking the present moment or Now, we then let go of the boxes of thought we are living in by defining Now and instead realize we don’t know Now.
By doing that, Now is teaching us. So that then let’s us humble our mind to a student and not a teacher. We then see everything as a opportunity and our pain and our suffering are no longer as they appeared to us.
“What if we are not helping life but instead life is helping us. Then our bad wouldn’t seem so negative and our good wouldn’t have a conventional meaning anymore”
That whole paradigm I outlined is a choice. If you choose to agree with that then you are saying yes to a action of responding to life.
If you disagree with that paradigm then you are choosing to not respond to life from consciousness but instead react to life subconsciously by what you think.
If you look into most any religion and not be stuck on a thought you think you know religion in, you will see that nothing is as it seems. That is the path to our salvation.
We look to let go of what we think to discover a intelligence that is beyond our understanding.image