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    What if we could see ourself instead of think ourself. If we could see our thought or mind as a bubble of glass surrounding us, that creates a reflection of what we think around us and those thoughts are the reality we experience. Because, of mind, our thinking creates a cage we live in that allows for a pseudo reality. Mind can’t know anything else because any thought “I” thinks is merely the reflection of a pseudo reality “I” thinks is real.
    What if that glass surrounding you cracked. What if In fact it has always been cracked but you never saw the crack for what it is. What if you felt out of place since your earliest memory because the crack showed you, the reality everyone around you thought is real isn’t and the idea of thinking this or thinking that seemed like a silly game of pretend. You constantly felt a urge to point out things that no one could see and you felt extremely alone from a early age. As you got older you learned by feeling out of place, in what felt in place to you, to unconsciously pretend the pseudo reality was real and as such you lived in a state of mind that made no sense but you pretended it did so you could fit in.
    Then for some reason the tumblers aligned and you saw through the crack with a awareness of the the glass(duality, mind, I am) and the observer of duality or a ONE, that pervades all and is because the mind or duality perceives it by a ego or a thought of I am which allows I am that I am to be. Or duality sees non duality and that clarity falls on you like a waterfall. You can see and feel that waterfall on you and when you are around others who wish to feel that non duality or One, they are drawn to you but those that identify with non duality, the mind or “I am” find themselves threatened by the non duality or one and resist that One when ever it threatens there mind, I am or duality.
    You have this ability to see what most don’t and you can’t explain it to anyone because it doesn’t live in a word that comprehends in a thought of mind or duality. You can only point to it and duality can only choose to look at one or non duality. If someone doesn’t want to look and only wants to think then nothing you can say will let them to see what they think over.
    So seeing your life through a crack in the reflection of mind and seeing that what you or anyone else thinks, really isn’t and the aspect of no thought or one is, can be seen as a burden. To know your suffering is so one can be and still living in a pseudo reality that you want to THINK now and again so the mind can let go to perceive what is real which is what allows joy to be felt, may not be something anyone would want to see.