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We all think the reality we live. Some attempt to overcome the limitations of what we think and find an intelligence inside us that shows a reflection we experience outside of us.

Others look at what they experience and the reality they perceive as who they are. What they think they are is what they believe they are. A reality externally based as opposed to an internally based reality. “I Am” as opposed to “The I Am That I Am”. The ego as opposed to the observer of the ego. The control as opposed to humility.

To even comprehend this means you are drawn to an internal awareness. If not, you would only see the one side of the coin. The duality of life is all you would know. The good verses the bad. This does not make sense to an ego based individual.

To see the non-duality that reflects the duality is the awakening or the transition from an unconscious reality to a conscious reality. The understanding that the thought is both a conscious voice and an unconscious reaction.

To walk in utter conscious reality is a pointless topic to me. The idea of “no struggle” is a misnomer, as we all struggle between the two and if our existence has a purpose it is the struggle to be or become aware that allows awareness to be. Otherwise awareness would not be if there wasn’t a opposite to it. The dark allows the light. The hot the cold and so on.

So if our struggle is to see the light. To walk a path to awareness then our struggle is not bad and awareness is not good. They each are so the other can be.

Words only point in a direction and they don’t mean anything except to the person that wants to think they understand what it means. The one that doesn’t want to limit themselves to a understanding their mind wants to think it knows and would rather look to the path of a intelligence that creates life will then look to separate themselves from the thought that limits them.

Words are used in many different ways to say the same thing from a different perspective. Words like anger, shenpa, attachment, fear, worry all are a thought in a desire to know a feeling we experience. We want to label it. Granted some words look to identify how a feeling affects us while others look to give the feeling an identity.

Whatever way we define or interpret our feelings we can see how anger, depression, shenpa, worry and so on is our subconscious manifesting itself from a thought to an emotion.

That awareness to look at our emotions as the physical expression of our subconscious can offer us the opportunity to address the subconscious we are often oblivious too. By seeing our external reaction to life we can take that and use it as a sign pointing inward to heal the worry, anger or fear. If we only look to fix the external conditions that manifest our internal or subconscious reality then we never fix the, so called problem. The subconscious then has no choice but to reinvent the “problem” in the same or another way. That, to me, is karma. Karma is not good or bad. Karma is what is and as long as we think over karma or “what is”, what is has no other choice but to express itself.

“What Is” then is life. It is the intelligence that creates everything and as long as we label “what is” with a thought that limits it, the thought will limit us from the intelligence of life or God.

Our pain, anger, shenpa or struggle is the path for us to search inside our self to discover the intelligence of life that allows us to overcome our thoughts that keep us trapped in a existence of good and bad, dark and light, warm and cold, hate and like

That thing we can’t label or know is a peace beyond any understanding. The heaven in our hell. That then is the “reward” of letting go of what we think we know (good vs bad). To uncover beneath those thoughts the intelligence that is what we are.

The ‘I AM’ that I am. The door from what I think to what I am.

That step of looking in and not out is the action only we can take. No one can take away the thought we think that limits us to an identity of “I am”. Only we can look past the thought of “I Am” to be the “I am that I am”.

So what am I to do now, you might ask yourself. That is the journey inside you that you walk alone. No-one can walk that path inside you, but you.

The best anyone can do is offer their own experience to you and that can offer you the ability to see your own struggle in theirs.

Some of us can find the path of letting go of the thoughts that limit is by faith alone. A unquestioning belief in a higher power offers the antidote. Some look at a scientific relationship to that intelligence in such areas as quantum physics and so on that show the intelligence hidden behind the thought that thinks it knows.

Others can look at psychology and see how ideas like “engrams” which are ingrained memories often from our childhood have a stranglehold on us in our life. Keeping us locked in memories we can’t let go of.

In my next book “Double Vision” I talk about a spiritual, religious, psychological and scientific approach at addressing this ambiguous path we all look too.

Having the will to look for the answer is what will give us the answer. Seeing the fear, anger, depression in an observing manner and not becoming the anger, worry and fear is the path to walking through it. Most of us want to turn away from it or find something “good” to cover our “bad”. Pausing instead and walking into that feeling will give us the answer to letting go of it and becoming more than anything we can know. A peace from inside us that overshadows any impermanent feelings of happy or sad the external world can offer.