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image“Heavy words are so lightly thrown. I stole and lied, and why? Because you asked me too. But now you make me feel so ashamed because I have only got two hands. Well I’m still fond of you. So what difference does it make? It makes none but you must be looking very old, tonight” The Smiths, What Difference Does It Make

If this life is a just hologram created by a intelligence to see and feel itself then what’s the point in being able to see that? Nothing, except to the cartoon of a mind that thinks and wants to play pretending it is real.

Sure some “enlightened” ones have had the fortune or misfortune, however you choose to THINK it, to be able to see through a crack in glass that projects the movie and see past the illusion. But what difference does it make?

What does that do for anything or any imaginary one in the dream to see itself not real? That can be a horror as quickly as it can be a blessing. To see the illusion you think you are, isn’t. What good is that to know you are a mirage in the desert? That you aren’t so something that is can see itself and feel. To know “I am” is simply so “The I am that I am” can have self actualization. The self actualization is not for the ego or the “I” that thinks. That “I” or thinking is to allow nothing to Be.

What is more disturbing? To be a illusion that can see that or be a dance of energy “thinking” it knows what it never can and not have a clue it isn’t while it thinks it is.

“I am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. I am the son and the heir of nothing in particular. Well when you say it’s gonna happen Now. What exactly do you mean? Because I’ve waited to long and all my hope is gone. The Smiths, How Soon Is Now