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The idea of not trying seems like giving up no matter how you think it. That “thinking” is the crutch that allows itself to invent the need to handicap itself.image

The idea of no mind or simply being is looked at from the mind as a process of achievement. Something the mind can take credit for. As though, I thought my way out of thinking so I can be. That of course is a lie the mind says as thinking only creates itself and letting go of the thought we hold onto is simply being.

Worry, fear, anxiety, depression, feeling of inferiority, even success and achievement are built on a fear of losing. I have success so I am fearful of losing. All that is the dialogue of the mind. Being is before the thought. Thinking though looks to take credit for being and as it does it creates the emotions that keep being hidden from the self in a illusion of thought.

When we worry or have anxiety we “think” we need to stop doing that in order to overcome but the idea of stopping is thought of as a process of thought and that thougt is the crutch that invents itself and keeps us trapped in a circle of itself.  A Ferris Wheel of good and bad that creates the other by thinking one or the other.

The realization that there is nothing to be done to “Be”, is the teaching of any spiritual guide or deity, be it Christ, Buddha, Mohammad and so on. To be able to see that place of no thought and look to give others who are trapped in thought the ability to look inside the hurt, the depression, the feelings of inadequacy and realize by walking through them we overcome them and by not pushing away the bad or wanting the good we see they are not real and we already are before anything we think we are.

The mind tries to convince us through bravado or failure that we think ourself into the action of our failure or achieving when we already are before we think we are.

Our intuition, inspiration, guidance, divinity, salvation and being is. We are “what is” and that is before any thought the mind invents.

We don’t need to “try”, to have bliss and a peace that connects us to the intelligence that creates us. We have that as we are “what is” and “what is” is everything. Our mind is simply a  window that allows “what is” to see itself and experience itself.

Letting go of wanting to know that and simply be is what allowed was dualiry to embrace non-dualiry or one. We can’t  walk in only one or the other. We are a energy that separates itself from that stillness of one as we create a vibration of thinking and we come back to our true nature by letting go. One is so the other can be. It isn’t good and it isn’t bad. It simply is what allows “what is” to see itsrlf.

Once you see this in one way, you see it in 10,000. That number is irrelevant though as there is only one and anything besides one is a contruct of thought thinking itself as though it is “what is” which of course it isn’t.

So the worry that looks to think itself free of itself will never do that. Simply stopping or being which isn’t a action, it just is “what is”. Once you let go and be you see what you can never think. That’s the oneness of being. The duality is what allows one to see and be. So what we think is not good or bad, it is the image of “what is” seeing itself and as duality sees non-duality the bliss of being is percieved and for lack of a word that can’t express being, love sees and feels itself. That is the heaven and Hell. You have to find Heaven NOW. As Now is all there ever is and you become NOW by letting go. In the Book The Tibetan Book Of Living & Dying it speaks about having awareness as you pass through the Bardo’s of Life and death. That wariness is letting go of the fear of loosing mind in death. If all you know is what you think then when you die and your mind leaves you, you will be in great fear of the peace and bliss of no mind as all you have known is what you think in life. So embracing that fear of letting of anger, sadness, joy, happy, anxiety in life will give you a peace of no mind that is what you will become in death. If you are afraid of no mind as you have clung to what you think in life then as the peace of no mind comes to you as mind does you will push it away as all you know is what you think and your destiny will be the Samsara of your fate to which is your Karma that wants you to find yourself which is by embracing fear. As fear is what alliws us to eventually let go. So Karma Isnt bad or good. It simply is “what is” giving you what you need to let go and until you do let go your karma will continue to create what you need until you do let go.

Our worry, angst, sadness and or depression is our gateway to see and be what we are. It’s letting go of those thoughts that hold us captive and instead walk into the fear or thought that frees us of it.

   To Be is what we already are. Which is before any thought created by the mind to think it needs to achieve something to get where it already is

  With all that said it might be purposeful to ask what does any of that Mumbo jumbo mean? How do I use that to help me?

  The fear, depression, anxiety, guilt and so on lives in us because we continue to think it. We are attached to those ghosts of thought and we keep ourselves in a cage of our own making. So being able to see that worry is not capable of serving us is what can give us the courage to say no to worry, fear, anxiety, depression and so on. Saying no to it is simply letting go of it.

  We tend to think we can fix out fear through worry and anxiety as though those thoughts have a purpose or a use to us. Maybe we even think we need to punish ourself with those thoughts. As though that will somehow absolve our guilt. That is the lie. In order to recieve guidance, direction, inspiration, intuotion and so on, we need to have a pause or embrace emptiness so we can recieve from our higher power, what ever we look to that as. Look at what confession does in the Carholic church from a conceptual stand point. After admitting your sin to the Priest, he gives you a penance to perform and after doing that he tells you that you are absolved of that sin that causes you to feel guilt and remorse. So after that penance you then are free of that remorse and guilt because you have been forgiven by J.C. Who died on a Cross your sin. Thus you no longer worry or have guilt and as such you are on a spiritual path to recieve Gods blessing. Which of course God is “what is” as “what is” is everything and God of course is everything.  If you take away the idea of J.C. In that and look at it conceptually you can see that what you actually do is stop the guilt, worry, Shane, remorse and so on and once you do that you are connected to the intelligence that creates everything. So by a belief in something you are able to do what your mind won’t let you do in its own. That may seem like blasphemy or a denial to some but if you look at it and see it in such a light it can help you embrace what ever your religion in a more personal and rewarding light

  The ability to be quiet and still in the face of not knowing what to do will give us the answer of what to do. That space we allow in us by quieting our mind creates a connection to something more then our mind. If all we do is let our mind think over everything then we will only hear our mind and not what is before our mind.


  That is why some come to know a relationship to what ever God is when confronted with incredible pain, suffering or loss. In that place when we are ready to give up which is letting go of what we think, because it hurts to much to think as nothing seems to help us anymore is the point of our liberation from what we think. When we finally give up on thinking and let go in defeat we come to realize a relationship to something more then anything we ever thought.

  That is the oneness or “peace that transcends any understanding” J.C.

  So with all these words trying to point at sonething, they are telling you to let go of the worry, anxiety and so on and in that fear be Zen.

  Embrace what ever you are doing with attention and focus. Let your mind be with what is, which is what ever you are doing. That word Zen that’s often trivialized is the widow of being. By letting go of what we think we are able to embrace Now and recieve more then we could ever know, simply by letting go. Ev n if you can conceptualize what I’m saying it doesn’t make it easy to do.

  Realizing that letting go is over coming out fear of wanting to know is the step we will always take in Being.