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  I slept in the sky

because I always wanted to dream in a cloud

And I cried through the night,

when I found out they were only made of fog

It meant so much to sing the song

but the stage, it was made of plywood

and the base, well it was much to strong

what was meant in creating the desire, it didn’t survive

it no longer smelled of perfume or ignited the fire

I wanted to Be,

I wanted, so much, the picture that everyone could see

but in painting the image I lost all of me

You see, I’m sorry for laughing but I’m dying inside

I want to get out and live in the sky

you can’t blame me for what I am

it wasn’t some meaningless lie

I’m still imagethe same person and I have so little to hide

You see I built the ship and I mastered the sea

But my compass is broken and I can’t find my way home, were I want to be