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With lips and tongue of pallor content

her anxiousness dressed in a outfit of contempt

She smiles in mockery

of my sacrificial selfimage

As her incessant need

is that to feed

So my willful purpose

is meant to bleed

and although the image of her possessed

is old faded

and haphazardly dressed

her fangs so sharp

Painstakenly waxed

reveal the nothingness

her eyes so intimately address

oh bring upon me

such self felt sorrow

i can wear it with reason

And persuade it with meaning

ascend upon my longing neck

such a letcherous mouth

lips alive with anticipation

teeth prescribed to serve a purpose

reveal to me

your utmost weakness

and drink from me without remorse

extinguish the blaze

that burns from depths down in

as I relax in self indulgence

close my eyes

and go within