Itimagedid not start this way at all. In fact it was quite the opposite. You eventually though come to a point where you stop looking for what you lost and come to terms with the price your search cost.

Thoughts of having made better choices a long the way will always pull at what you think, do and say.. The want may never fade or the dream of the new day but the note it plays is not as loud as the loss of having less, reminds you of a child wearing a second owned dress.

Nothing lasts forever so what ever this life is will come to an end as the beckoning to a higher cause will be layed to rest with that final pause.

I may not be able to turn it off but I will only be here for a little while and the drums will fade as the sunrise will no longer start the clock of a new day. Poems, letters, works of art will be saved from the sages to the dusk of another sun falling. Tomorrow isn’t owned to anyones need as it lives to its own calling.

All of us, look to today as our own to fill a pouch that will never have to much but we are only a idea trying to be something we can not even touch.