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In a collective sense we in society judge one another on a scale measured by our success and our mistakes. We look at each other and ourselves at times as the better we are, the less mistakes we make. Yet we often have more depth and ability to navigate through life because of what we learn from our mistakes.image

What if “the bad” causes us to be reflective instead of depressed or self defeating. What if in that self reflection we became aware of something we didn’t know that gives us a awareness we didn’t have before. The “bad” then may not be so bad. That bad, suffering or Dukkha might be what allows us to see past the illusion. The crack in the thinking that wants to understand.

Seeing how “understabding” reality is merely a perception and what we intrinsictly are is far more then anything we can comprehend is seeing our limitation and not being stuck in a thought that wants to know itself and instead is what frees us of the perception of reality our mind creates that traps us in the “I am” we think we are. It’s thinking what we are that creates the perceptio of “I am” and escaping the thinking that creates our limitation is what lets us see “the I am that I am”.

So our “broken” is the window to our connection to God or the ability of the finite to embrace infinity. Our “broken” is what allows us to not be limited to a God of our understanding but freed of our understanding to a God of what we don’t know.

It is because of not knowing, that we cannot embrace God without taking a step of Faith which is by its own meaning something we do that is not of our understanding. Our faith is the action we take without knowing. It’s more then us and because of that it frees ourself of ourself and that is only achieved through our suffering or Dukkha. If it wasn’t for the suffering we would not take that step of faith . Suffering allows us to become more then what we think.

So our mistake then is what allows us to not be limited to ourself but be freed to more then ourself. It’s judging ourself by our wealth, achievement and accomplishment that creates the hell of our own making.

“Some people are waiting to die to find heaven. If you don’t find heaven Now, you never will find Heaven.” Joseph Campbell