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  Living your life, you can’t help but want to find a meaning in it. The idea that your life has a purpose and you are discovering that and are a example of that purpose is in bred in all of us. As to think your life is merely a dance of one that isn’t judged, measured or given a grade of approval or disapproval goes against the idea of having a purpose.

In order to have a purpose then sonething has to be achieved. Maybe that concept ofimagef achievement is why we embrace a religion to give us a example to measure ourself with. To feel there is a parent or something more then us that is bigger then us so we can feel a sense of approval.

The purpose of life has to have something we achieve and the merit of that achievement is given by the God of our understanding. So the “thinking” we have a purpose in life is the same “thinking” that establishes the religion or doctrine of thought we live under.

Considering our life is constantly changing and so to our perspective or thoughts then so is our purpose and achievement. So in essence we create both our understanding of a God and our purpose as our life unfolds and nothing stays the same. What that is saying is what ever “nothing” is, it s the only thing that doesn’t change.

As our life changes so does our thoughts of our purpose, achievement and God. Even though our undersrahding of a God may change we need to believe that God, regardless of how we understand God, doesn’t change. It’s just our understanding or “thought” of God that changes. So if  Nothing stays the same except what ever “nothing” is and that simply is because we don’t know or think what “nothing” is, so “nothing” then is the only thing that doesn’t change and if there is a purpose that is judged by a “God”, then the only thing that “God” could be is “nothing” as the concept of a God is something that doesn’t change even though our understanding of God does change.

So if “God” is the creator of our purpose and gives us achievement and as such that God then has to be consistent although how we think God is not consistent we still need to think God is consistent.

So then the only thing that is consistent and does not change is “nothing”. “Nothing” is the only thing we don’t “think” and as that is not of our thougt, then God has to be nothing as God and/or nothing are the only things we can never know.

“There is a feelin’ I get when I look to the west and my spirit is crying for leavin’                       In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees and the voices of those who stand lookin’ Zeppelin, STH.

That concept of embracing “nothing” as God does not soothe our ego and our wanting to be approved of. We want to know what approves us and what we are judged by. So to actually know God then is a very disheartening prospect as you can never get to know God you can only get close to God. That journey then is not something anyone would want to take as it would be a journey that takes away the something we think we are and come closer to nothing which is the destruction of something. Something, however,  always wants to know or think itself and that isn’t a path to God.

So maybe in all our searching and “wanting” to be something of purpose is a fairytale we never want to see through as that is seeing ourselves as nothing and no one wants to be nothing. We all want to be a image of something we “think”.

Our mind then, that we see ourselves with, is the obstacle to being one with God. As the mind that thinks cannot think God and only sonething is in thought and the nothing of the intelligence of life or God is outside the thought that wants to know.

“Does it feel like your life has become a catastrophe? Oh, it has to be for you to grow, boy. And when you look through the years and see what you could have been. Oh, what you might have been. If you’d had more time. But there are times when you feel you are part of the scenery. Oh, all the greenery is coming down, boy. ‘Coz your the joke of the neighborhood. Why should you care if your feeling good. You took the long way home. (Ooo yeah) Take the long way home.”             Super Tramp, Take The Long Way Home