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“Who are You.                                           cause I really want to know                              I know there is a place you walked            Where love falls from trees.                           My heart is a broken cup.                                 I only feel right on my knees                             I spit out like a sewer hole                              Yet still recieve your kiss.                                How can I measure up to anyone know               After such a love as this.                                 Come on tell me                                             Who are you                                                    Cause I really want to know”                            The Who, Who Are Youimage

If my mind is not capable of understanding “What is” which is everything, and it’s quite obvious the mind doesn’t know everything. On the contrary, the mind is a cartoon trying to create a understanding of what it can never know. So the words we use to know reality, ourselves or the life we live is pretty much pointless. If you can conceptualize that inability we have in using our mind to know sonething we never can then you can see that the best we ever can know of what we are and what life is, is meaningless.

What ever we think we are is the same as a grain of sand compared to the making of a desert. It is irrelevant. Yet even though it is irrelevant the mind in its own nature wants to know.

The mind is so reality can be percieved. Most scientist will tell you that reality is only contingent upon our own observation of it. So reality is a illusion of merely what we think. That prism of reflection is the ghost in the mirror. It is a idea looking at what it wants to know but never can. That observation gives “everythig” a reflection of itself. It is the mirror that lets “what is” which is “everything” see itself.

In that obscure perspective of seeing what you can never know is why we are broken. That “broken” is not a thought of good or bad. It is what allows Love or God to see itself.

So a conceptual identity is not real. Instead it is the shadow wanting to be what it is the shadow of or the reflectiom in the mirror wanting to be the image it’s reflecting. That is why the mind lives in fear. The mind wants to “be” which it never can. That is our deepest fear. Our inability to let go of that conceptual understanding and be the intrinsic nature of who we are that is not known to us in a understanding of thought Is our deepest fear.

So as I fall to my knees in my “brokenness” I can use that “broken” to see what the mind obscures in thought.

“Ashes to Ashes                                           Funk to funky                                                  We know major Tom 4 a junkie                         Strung out in Heavens High                             Headed for a all-time low                                Time and again I tell myself                               I will stay clean tonight                                   But the little green wheels are following me       Oh no, not again                                              I’m stuck with a valuable friend”                       David Bowie, Ashes To Ashes

So as I ask myself why I’m broken, the understanding is beyond the mind or thought. As it is necessary to be broken from the minds perspective to escape the cage that “knowing” traps us in. So my “broken” is a crack in the glass that lets me see through what I want to know. By looking to see and not know I can “be” and in being I can point at what I see. So what I write is not what I know. It is what I see. So if someone reads what I write and wants to know Instead of look at what the words are pointing at, it will make no sense to the mind as it’s not of the mind.

So my burden then can be my salvation and what I point at is seeing that there is no personal salvation. There is no you or I. We are all one. We is everything and as such if my mind, thought or ego looks to save itself it is lost to itself. The thought of “I” creates the cage that separates something from everything. The something is the shadow, the ego or the thoughts of “I am”. So as I live in a perception of thinking I can look to become “everything” which is my true nature and by letting go of what I think I am. I become what I am.

So as I look to save everything besides myself, I in turn save everything which is my true self. It then doesn’t matter what I or anyone else thinks. For by being concerned about what someone else thinks is as pointless as being concerned about what I think.

So courage then is to each of us to walk with our “brokenness” not as a crutch or a pity. It’s to look in it for our true nature. The everything that is behind the something we think we are. The same as the Sun and the Moon are in the sky regardless of whether we see them or not. As it is our mind that wants to judge ourself on what we or others think of us. Our faith or courage then is to be okay with ourself whether or not we “think” we are or aren’t okay.

“Oh let the Sun beat down upon my face        Stars to fill my dream                                    I’m a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been                                           To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen                                        They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed                                          Talk and song from tounges of lifting grace, whose sounds caress my ear                         But not a word could I relate                            The story was quite clear”                               Led Zeppelin, Kashmir