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What I “think” I know, isn’t. It’s only a thought trying to interpret what the mind perceived. Something is experienced and the brain attempts to understand it. A aspect of “awareness” is recognizing the limitation of what “I” or what the brain that “thinks” has. It can’t know “what is” or “reality”. It can only think it in the confines of the brains limitations.

In seeing that one comes to know that image nothing is as it seems.”‘Cause if nothing is the way it seems Then this life is just a haunted dream And all this love is just falling down through these years He says I think of the beauty I’ve had And all it does is make me feel so sad First they make you think like your riding high Then they toss you off in the sky And all this life is just falling down through the years” Steve Winwood, Judgement Day

So the good and the bad are not what they appear to be. As that good and bad is life speaking to me. I have to embrace the perceived good and bad as both are ways life Is communicationing to me. Life doesn’t use words or thought to teach me. Life responds to life and not some contruct of or what a brain thinks. Once you see nothing, you see it in evrything “When I try to understand she just opens up her hands” Eddie Vedder, Cold Hard Sun

If I am not what I think I am, which is nothing more then words trying point at the limitation of my brain, then I find the beauty in life in everything. So the bad or the good is not real. They are something the brain thinks so it can believe it knows what it never can. What frees us of our limitations is not believing what we think we know is real. It’s recognizing those limitations of what we think, that frees us from our minds inability to know what it can not and we then by not holding onto what we think, we can escape the walls of thought that block us from “seeing” the intelligence of what created us.

Words limit us to a understanding of thought if we only “think” what they mean. So instead of thinking we know what a word means we can escape the wall of thought that limits a word by, instead, seeing what it points too. so thinking of money instead of some piece of paper or a bank statement you can think of money as a way of service or helping someone or the world then you escape the limiations of a definition and instead find a practical to make money in many ways. That then translates to prosperity and as you serve prosperity prosperity serves you.

It’s taking a word and instead of thinking it in q box, finding a way to see something without the restrictions of understanding it or “knowing” it.

That “Nothing” of no thought is the pure potentiality of everything. It’s the nothing that the mind thinks over that is the creation of everything. It’s easy to “think” the word nothing and not see what it points too. It’s only till you let go of the thought of nothing will you see what it points too. Once you see that something you then see it in everything. Thought can not conceptualize one in a figurative sense. Thought can only think one in contrast to something else. So as you think there is always two or a duality. Thought creates a need to understand in relation to something else. By thinking you create a contrast to something. That is duality. Duality lives in thought. The non duality of no mind is nothing. It is a intelligence that creates everything. So seeing that intelligence of everything or nothing and attempting to share to someone in words using the brain is why words can only point to it. They can’t define it because by its essence non duality, nothing, God, Mohammed, or what have you is the nothing you can not know that creates everything. So as you see and not think, you see nothing in everything while anyone else you try to convey that too who only looks to know it will be lost trying to think it. If someone points to nothing with words and others see that and not think it they then see nothing, Buddha, Christ or what have you in everything. If you attempt to put what someone points at into words and you “think” the word means something then you no longer see non duality, you become a thought of duality. Our thinking is unique to our experiences. As it is our experiences that create the ideas of how we perceive our reality. That contrast of the one of everything to the duality of thought is why no-one understands something in exactly the same way as someone else. So as one person see’s the one of non-duality they can not help but put it in words of there own making. To take nothing and point at it with words creates something if you think it. That something is duality.The nothing is lost or overlooked in the duality of thinking you know.

“Think about it, there must be higher love. Down in the heart or hidden in the stars above. Without it, life is a wasted time. Look inside your heart. I will look inside mine. Things look so bad everywhere In this whole world, what is fair? We walk blind and we try to see falling behind in what could be. I could light up the night with my soul on fire. I could make the sun shine from pure desire. Let me feel that love come over me. Let me feel how strong it could be. Bring me a higher love                              Steve Winwood, Bring Me A Higher Love