By Man “thinking” he knows the word of God, he takes the intelligence that created everything and dimishes it to a finite understanding Mans limited brain can comprehend. God is not limited to our ability to think. We are limited in our ability to understand God because of how we think.

Any word is understood by someone according to there own thought of what it means. So no “word” is understood in exactly the same way as our thinking is unique because of our individual ability to comprehend what we experience. It’s because of how we think weimagebelieve we know something we are incapable of knowing, that fools us into creating our limitations. Our limitation is thinking “we know” when all we know is what we think we know. So we often limit ourself by believing what we think instead of realizing the thought is not what we are or real. It is a tool we use to either build a ladder or create a cage. Just as the word God is used in a belief of it existing or not, the idea to think either way is believing you know what God is or isnt. Both are impossible. So with the ability to comprehend the idea that thought can never know “what is” which is everything, is what frees us from thinking ourselves in walls of thought that limit ourself by defining ourself through a understanding of God that we never can have.

God is not limited to our understanding of him. We are limited by how we think we know God. That is our cross of burden. To realize what we can’t know will let us not put walls of understanding that define us and confine us.

So as the “word of God” is unique to each of us so is the name of God. God is not limited to anyone individual name of him we think he is. God comes to us in our own way. God is not limited by our ability to not understand Him. We are limited in our ability to know God because of how we think we understand what God is or isn’t. So God lives outside the thoughts we think God in and God comes to all of us in his own way. So God is not the same to any one understabding of him. The God we think, is individual to all of us, as the God that is in us is the same God to all of us.

So the God or no God of Jesus, Buddha, Mohhamed, Jehovah, and so on is not defined by the name we call him by. God comes to us all how ever we choose to think him. The God of one is the God of all. The name of God or the understabding of God is a thought we want to think him in. That cage of thought doesn’t own God. It owns who ever thinks it.

The thought is not good or bad. It is only what we make it to be. So our Heaven or our Hell is our own creation.

What frees us of our limitations is not thinking what we think we know is what we are or who God is. It’s recognizing the limitations of what we think, that frees us.
As we let go of the thoughts we hold onto in understanding God is what allows us all to be one with God. The God to one of us is the God to all of us.

Our ability to let go of our thinking a God that created everything is what will enable us to see God in everything.