. The idea that God speaks to me through a rational thought is the idea that thinks it knows God. The mind cannot know God as God is not of the mind. God is before the mind that thinks it.  

So then, what does that mean or rather imply? That says that the place you look for God in is not necessarily the place God is. God more isnt then is. As if it is then the mind thinks it knows it. So if the mind doesn’t know it then the mind assumes it isn’t. So the thought weimagethink God is, is only a feeble construct of our limited minds comprehension and in that comprehension we destroy God to something we know.

What can Man possibly know in his mind that is the making of God. The mind only invents itself and the thoughts it thinks only validate a illusion it thinks is real. By our own intellect we can comprehend we only see a fraction of the colors that are and we only hear a portion of what can be heard. We only sense and feel a fraction of what can be felt and have no clue what else can be sensed or uncovered. So with that limited ability to construct a reality we create the God of our understanding and live in a cage of how we think.

It’s the God of our inability to understand that can teach us. The looking into our unsound mind that can show is what we don’t know. The thinking that lives outside the cage of what we accept is the making for knowing what we don’t know and being sonething more then we think we are.

For as we think of ourself is not a measure of ourself. The thought that lives in a understanding of good and bad is rotted with the ego of I am. That limited identity that lives in a reflection of what it thinks. The shadow that thinks it is.

So as we see ourself come apart so in the destruction we can bare witness to the thought that isn’t and be what we can never think. We are at our most in the loss of the ego that thinks it knows. So as we see ourself in what we aren’t. It’s seeing the thinking that isn’t that allows to know what isn’t which is what is.