What better example of the depth of love then the idea of loving hard. The coexistence of opposites that allow each other to be. The reason for duality so that the one of everything Is what ever it is.. The love that is that wants to express and feel itself in everything.image

The love of I am letting go of itself to know the I am that I am. That unconditional ability to find itself simply by looking for itself. The letting go of the want to be okay even when it’s not okay. To know the one that is, that is with out the need to prove itself. The unconditional acceptance of Now not held hostage to a thought that thinks it should be as it thinks it should be.

So as the world is, that is, what it is. With that acceptance of the indifference to a thought that judges because of a expectation it “thinks” is the freedom from the Hell of the mind that wishes to rule in a land of what it thinks. That fight to become, prove, win over or justify is the need a flower never has or the idea a season  doesn’t own that it feels it responsible for the next. The ability to know that our purpose is not sonething we need to be we already are what we are before we think we are. The one that is without a thought.

Our purpose is to be what we are and to know that there is nothing to pass or fail. Our reason is itself. It is that question and answer in and of itself that shows us the joy in our sad and the high in our low.

So as we look to “Love Hard” we know that our pain, fear, insecurity and feelings of dought are the hard that we find love in wth acceptance. With that acceptance we know “Now” unconditionally. The harder our love is to accept the deeper we feel it. That willingness to embrace our vulnerability is what enables us to be at ease in the storm. To know in our making we are both above, below and in everything. There is no place that love isnt and its when we let go of that need to think what love is or should be that we find love in everything. That place of one that isn’t contained in the idea of what is good and bad. The place that we surrender the I am that we think we are to the I am that I am.