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Words like subjective, objective, presence, humility, ego, letting go, attachment and so on are ambiguous in nature but we think we know what they mean or imply in a universal concept.
It’s that thinking that we know thatimagekeeps us trapped in the existence or lifestyle we experience.
If we wish to change our life and the experiences we have in it then we need to change our perception. Which simply means we need to broaden our perspective which is letting go of those definitions we build walls with that we live in.
That might be a visual you can use to see a objective and subjective reality. The person that lives in those walls of definition or thought is relating to the world from that place of experience and they or we recreate the experience we think. So our subjective thinking is the walls that we live in.
Our ability to “think” or seeourselves objectively is what enables us to change our reality and recreate our life experiences to a creation of our conscious perception. So the idea as we think is as we are can be given a figurative identity that allows us to conceptualize a strategy to reinvent ourselves.
That strategy is recreating the mind to a different mind. The thought of what I am to the idea of creating the I am that I am.
So the mold of my own creation can be changed by seeing the internal identity I live in as my ego.
That practicality of this concept maybe visible to someone now but the ability to invoke control over the thoughts we think can very well be limited to a transient conscious intention that quickly is replaced by the programming of our subconscious.
To reprogram our subconscious to attain the wealth of what ever form we desire is a process that can be quite challenging. What we perceive a lack of wealth or abundance in, such as a relationship, self confidence, connection to a feeling of purpose in our life or even the simple concept of monetary gain is a self inflicted wound that our subconscious is creating and the worry and fear we have of not having the wealth we want is what creates the lack of it.
That can seem like a quagmire, maze or a destination without a map. The map or the awareness of the circle of existence that recreates itself is knowing that the thinking we use is the problem and our solution is letting go of the thinking. The worry, fear and anxiety that are the seeds that grow the weeds we live our life in. That is what can seem “crazy” to someone who only believes in what they think which is a ego based reality. So coming to the point of being willing to discard the only thing we know, which is what we think, and look to a connection of something we don’t know is the making of establishing a life based on a intelligence that manifests life which is something we can never intellectually know. The thought is not bad and the thought is not good. Thought is the ability to witness the manifestation of life. Our problem is when the thought takes credit for life and our peace. If you open this door that looks like a shadow in your mind you can see how the great teachers of our time pointed to this and used this door to free us of our thought of “I am” to become what we are before we think we are, the I am that I am.
This is a process that lasts a life time and it is only the one step we are taking now that matters. The idea of a destination to arrive at is what limits us from ever starting on the path or freeing ourselves of the unconscious life we are victim too.
The fear we think is the fear we live. Learning how to let go of that fear is the joy of now. It is the epiphany we experience along the path of courage in having a objective reference to our subjective experience.
Being the watcher of the emotion and not becoming the emotion. It’s not something we can fail at because as soon as we observe the emotion no matter how long it controls us, it is in that moment of objective awareness we are free of the subjective limitation that is the hell of our making. In that moment we become the heaven of our making. So where ever we are, we are where we are suppose to be and in that observation we become what we have always been but thought over it. That thought is a shadow, it is a pseudo reality, a dream that lives in a idea we think is real. Knowing the manifestation of our life is the creation of our own making is what can help us stop looking outside outside ourselves for a answer and instead look inside us for our salvation.
The intelligence of the world outside us is the creation of what is inside us.
We all want someone else to tell us how to open that illusory door or lift the window of our consciousness to witness and influence our subconscious but of course you can see how that is impossible to do as we all have our own key to unlock the door to what we think to become what we are.
If I’m looking to escape the prison of myself I then need to see how I created it. What thoughts control my actions? Well if I look at my actions I then can start to change those actions and changing the action will reveal the thoughts that hide behind them. As the thought is seen for what it isn’t it will disappear like the fog in the sun.
There are no big or grand things to change about us to let the light of something more then us become us. It’s looking at the small things we do each day and changing them to something that is not them.
When you start asking yourself what are the small things I am doing that create my reality you will begin to become aware of them. It’s feeling like your crazy doing what doesn’t seem normal that the thoughts that control you start to let go of you.
Letting go then is the answer. We have to see what we are holding onto in order to let go of it. That letting go or door to awareness of letting go is hidden in our fear, anxiety, anger, jealousy, depression and worry. Those ambiguous terms are thoughts. The thought is controlling our actions. If we look to our action we can see what we have the power to let go of. That internal courage to let go of that action, is the making for the intelligence we are to become what we truly are. So as we let go so do we become. The falling apart of what we think we are is the coming together of who we are.