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For most the idea of science and religion is a dichotomy. They seem to be portrayed as fighting against each other to be the answer. The presumption of many is that one has to suffice to the wisdom of the other for their to be a union or a cohesion between the two. That is a misguided construct for either as it is not the antidote for spirituality and science to find common ground to better help humanity to grow and come together rather it is the responsibility of humanity to find the common ground between science and religion to have unity and a evolving antidote to treat the symptoms of a troubled reality.

Most if not everyone seeks spirituality to heal a wounded personality. The failure, so to say, of our life creates a desire to find our life or a meaning/purpose in life. That feeling of falling apart is what usually causes us to want to put ourselves together. It’s seeing a fracture in our making or a feeling of being broken that makes us want to heal. A desire to let go of the old and embrace something new. Basically we are looking at our selves as damaged and trying to remove what we see as broken and replace that with a better tool to serve us then the one we have.

Science and religion come to this in what seems like conflicting views. One looks for evidence as the other uses a belief in something not figuratively owned.

Finding the path that both of these travel to the answer or remedy of the problem we see in ourself can quite easily be the same place. The misnomer of defining a undefinable word like a God leaves no room for interpretation between conflicting views yet observing how that belief repairs the damage we look to fix can be the answer to seeing what is in common and that can unlock the door of understanding between different faiths as it also can be the light that a scientist sees as the answer to his search. If we look at what is in common, we might see it is the destination. So the indifference to how someone gets to the place everyone is wanting to find, ie.. Fixing what’s broken in mankind. Is what can offer us tools from everyone’s garage to use in our own, finding a way to the place we all want to call home.

“Vows are spoken To be broken Feelings are intense Words are trivial Pleasures remain So does the pain Words are meaningless And forgettable

all I ever wanted All I ever needed Is here in my arms Words are very unnecessary They can only do harm”. Depeche Mode, Enjoy The Silence

Both the problem and the grace of a word can be in the application of it. Instead of defining a word to a specific meaning we might be more apt to help each other by using it as a metaphor like a leaf in a river. The leaf is not the river, it is on a path of the destination of the river. If we imagine ourselves as the leaf and, whatever, God is as the river, then you can see the futility of the leaf trying to think its way downstream. Constantly be upset or happy when the leaf travels in, or not in, the direction the leaf wants go. So if the river is steering the leaf as God, or a infinite intelligence, is steering us then then us having faith in God, or that unthinkable intelligence, is what will make the journey filled with peace and not futile thoughts of what is good or bad. As the river can not be understood, it can only be observed and thoughts or conclusions of it be made, which are meaningless to the river or the leaf. Such is “the word of God”. If God is everything and of course everything can not be understood then how can there be a word of God that can be understood. As God is everything then that “everything” is constantly changing in the expression of life. Assuming life is the path and not the destination is what might free us of wanting to know the meaning of something we never can. God or Life then is more a question without a answer. It’s when we try to define God or know the destination of the path we are on that we reduce God or the journey we are on to a understanding of our limited intelligence. That wanting to know is the problem that stands in the way of seeing the answer. As the answer is the path we are on. In wanting know God, we then turn the dynamic everything of life into a static finite understanding that limits the infinity of life or God to something we can comprehend.

Not trying to define a word but instead using it as part of the path to take is what might bring us together. It’s wanting to use the word to define a meaning instead of pointing at a idea that creates separation between the intelligence that manifests life and us in wanting to know or be right.

So letting go of the need to think, so we can know, is what might allow us to appreciate the path we are all on. We then can find common ground in our struggle to live life on even ground

“My soul is not contained within the limits of my body, my body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul” Jim Carrey