Sometimes we create a box of understanding and in order to learn something we don’t know or fix something that is broken, we need to think outside the box of understanding we createdimage As its those walls of thought we live in that create the limitations we perceive. America is a land of addiction. Some more glaring then others. Some addictions are not recognized as a addiction because of the thought we define addiction as. It’s looking at what we are ignoring that will allow us to know what we need to know to heal the cause of addiction.

America is built on a ideal of achievement which can be a plus or a fault depending on how that concept of attaining it is internalized. That process of internalizing a abstract concept of achievement has a identity unique to all . That identity is the making of our freedom or our addiction.

There are countless tools man uses to discover himself either externally in the world he perceives or internally from the inner domain we see ourselves from. Our consciousness is the connection between the two. Our consciousness is influenced by our subconscious which is the part of us most are out of touch with.

Science, religion, philosophy, spirituality  and psychology are some of the tools man uses to rectify or enhance the mysterious subconscious we are a reflection of in our conscious manifestation of life. Some of us see a correlation between the outer world we live in and the inner world we think in. Most however find a disconnect between the inner and outer world we live in or the external perception of the life we live and the internal thoughts our ego creates. That disconnect is the cause of our addiction. Its the judging of the addiction in others that allows it to survive in us. By judging someone else we ignore the addiction we own. How someone is either praised for their wealth and social status or looked down on for their failures and in ability to meet a social standard of acceptance is the making of what creates a concept of good and bad. That standard of one or the other is the see saw of our own making that addiction thrives on.

The disconnect between the socially accepted addiction and the unacceptable addiction is the making of a society based on winners and losers. In that society their has to be one for there to be the other. As there can not be a winner without a looser and a looser without a winner. That folly is the thoughts that are the making of our subconscious in American society.

The word addiction is a nebulous word that goes by many acronyms and is either simplified or complicated in defining it. Part of the answer to addiction is letting go of the need to define it and instead look at our subconscious and what influences it today.

We need to take down the walls of thought America has in glorifying or prosecuting the conscious manifestation of addiction that is the creation of how we think. The subconscious is the transition between the inner world of our being and the external world of our perception of self.

If we are going to “Fix” America then we need to fix ourself and in repairing what’s inside us we will experience the same outside us.

So where do we start? How do we take down a wall we create by judgement that we have been living with and thinking it is what we want?

The answer then is the problem. Our thinking has created the world we experience. We are the problem. As long as we continue to judge the outside world for our happiness then we will live in a unending struggle of loss and gain, pain and reward, success and failure, hope and defeat.

Our mind is what needs to be fixed. We cannot use the same mind of good and bad to win the war we have inside and outside us. Addiction is our self made construct of life and it manifests itself in the good and the evil we fear and rejoice in.

We are a society that thinks with our brain or mind. We don’t think in a conscious manner that serves fundamental decisions. Instead our entire life is reckoned from a aspect of what we think using our mind.

We have learned to ignore our connection to a infinite intelligence that creates us, to a finite, limited understanding of what we think which is based on a ego that lives in fear. So as the ego that lives in fear is the artist of our thinking so our reality is based on a good and bad that survives because of a thought born from a idea that is fear based. We create our existence from the fear we think. That fear is the world we live in. As it is within so it is with out.

Our goal, to become what we already are but cover up with what we think we are, is to let go of our attachment to what we think and embrace what we feel. We need to feel life in us and outside us. To look for compassion in others instead of judgement. To see the hate in the world as a hate we own inside us.

That transformation of looking at the world as a reflection of what we are will bring about a peace we find inside us to witness outside us. We can’t fight for love, freedom or peace. We can only own it in our heart and use that heart to steer us today to create our tomorrow.

So the addiction in me is the the addiction I see in you. My anger at the world I perceive is the place in me I allow to think instead of feel. That thought I can not put down is what is the problem in me and the world.

As I say no to the fear in me and yes to the love I feel. I will then plant the seed that will grow the love we already are instead of some thought we think we need. We will see by not thinking but instead feeling that we already have everything we could ever need.