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imageIn a previous writing titled “Dropping In” I spoke about over coming engrams before they grew and dominated or controlled our behavior. To get to that place of self awareness though that can see the wave of emotion the engram creates growing is quite a achievement. As such it leaves many who are trapped in a life of turmoil and unable to see the current that brought them to where they are; Including myself, paralyzed. Which often leaves us coming to terms with our life by marginalizing the consequences of our behavior and feelings to adapt to our conditions that we feel helpless too.
Most of us simply believe we are the emotion we feel. We don’t see a difference in the emotion we feel and who we are. We think we are depressed, angry, right, wrong, a failure or a success. We don’t realize its the thought we think that is responsible for how we feel. What we think is what we believe we are. How ever, if you remove the thought of failure or success from the mind that thinks it, the person is still the same regardless. All that changes is what we think. That can make sense theoretically for some, yet practically for many it is not a attainable quality. We see Bill Gates as successful and the man asking for money on the corner as a failure. As we think someone is, is how we judge someone. As we think ourself is as we judge ourself.
Gnosis is the concept “As within so without” also “As above so below”, the words written by the Greek poet Hermessianex. This process of consciousness transcends throughout humanity in Buddhism, Christianity, doctrines of Plato and his mentor Socrates, to the present day in spiritual existence, interpersonal reward and external success in the world around us. As we manifest a consciousness in us, that is what is manifested outside of us. The hour glass of internal to external. How we perceive that construct in our consciousness is the space between a physical domain (our body) and a virtual domain (God, field of pure potentiality or a universal intelligence that transcends everything). So the space between, the within and the without, can be known as The Quantum Domain (consciousness or mind). That vector between the two is the gateway that allows us to manifest the existence we live in which is our perception of reality. The vastness of space outside us and the universe is the same as within us. So we are not lmited to a aspect of thought that looks outside itself to what it thinks it never can behold. The ability to search inside us for what ever we perceive we are, is outside what we perceive outside us. The ability to connect to everyone is the ability to connect to ourself.
To change our reality about us (our world we perceive) we need to change our perception inside us of how we think. “As we think so we are” Buddhist proverb
That is not as simple as it sounds which is why religion looks too the people who mastered this, as their savior. We look for insight in how to find that ability in us to manifest a conscious reality outside us, instead of being a victim to a unconscious reality based upon the fears and insecurities we harbor inside us but don’t identify with consciously.
So the struggle we have inside us is to uncover the unconscious behavior that we exhibit as a result of the subconscious thoughts we think.
We can see these principles laced throughout our history from Confucius who’s teachings united a internally war driven China to a cohesive Han dynasty that was based on a philosophy known as “Ren”. This ideology of his teachings was based on “The Golden Rule” which was the foundation of the Han dynasty. “What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others”. Which united a war diveded China. This proverbial concept of what is known as Gnosis, is in Chinese history as it is throughout our own in the leaders of our country that are known for looking to unite us. Be it MLK, JFK, back to Abraham Lincoln who wrote in the darkest hours of our country’s civil war that was ripping us in two “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. We must think anew and act anew”. Meaning we must replace the thoughts that brought us to were we are in order to create peace between us to unite us.
It is seeing the “path” behind the words of our great leaders throughout time that is what saves us from ourself. As man has a way of grabbing on to the words spoken and twist them to a meaning that defines a self serving purpose. So the direction or vision the words point to is ignored and instead a self serving meaning is attached to a word that was nothing more then a sign pointing to a direction to follow. This is what warps the vision of a prophet to a self serving prophecy.
The inaction then of not defining the word is what will enable someone to see the direction it points too.
A difficulty man has in seeing the vision of prophets like Christ, Buddha, Moses … or spiritually guided visionaries who are intellectually gifted like Einstein is that what makes sense to their intellect and written in words do not make sense to another with a lesser intelligence or gift to see past the illusion of thought. Meaning when Einstein said, “the same mind that created the problem can’t fix the problem”, that made perfect sense to him in his alphabet of knowledge. Einstein didn’t need B & C to get from A to D. Many us though need to follow B & C to recognize how to get to D. For many of us to comprehend the way to have a different mind then the one that created the problem is aloof to us. We need to understand how our subconscious influences our consciousness to create a different consciousness or perspective to “fix the problem”.
If our subconscious is what determines what we perceive as good or bad, exm. A insult or a compliment. Then we need to examine our thinking that makes us feel offended or flattered. Letting go of the ropes of thought that pull us in a direction to respond a certain way to good and a certain way to bad is what will create the original thinking that reinvents a old mind to a new mind.

To even try and follow this train of thought is a task and something that I can understand someone turning there back on, especially if life is serving a adequate slice of pie to make up for the hurt. I mean that as its easy to feel dissillusioned inside yet fill a basket of achievement with personal gains be it money, prestige, attraction, status fame… what have you to use as a way to overlook our self reflected feelings of inadequacy.

So for what ever reason, be it the loss of a relationship and feeling alone, loosing your status or exposing your flaws. It often is related to a response to pain that causes us to examine or scrutinize the way we think and how are emotions dictate our behavior. With that said, what can I do to free myself trapped in a huge wave I cannot swim away from? What tools can I draw from that will allow me to rise above my unknowingly chosen fate?

The thinking we engage in is why we are where we are. To change where we are we need to think differently. That may sound good or make sense but we are still a victim to ourself as we cannot think what we don’t know. We only think what we think.

So if we recognize our thoughts are what have us trapped in the perception we are in we need to have oversight on the way we got to where we are and the steps we can take to walk out of the maze of what we think.

I spoke about engrams, what they are, how they are replayed more then others and why that is. (If you have taken the time to read this far and follow the path the words point at then I encourage you to read “Digging Deep” before going further if you have not already as I am talking a lot about words and definitions from that blog entry).

Being a victim to our own perspective and undoing the engram that has us trapped in its electric impulse path is going against what we feel and want to do. The negativity we feel is created and manifested in depression, fatigue, feelings of failure, inadequacy and not fitting in to name a few. We need to override that self manifested impulse.

Feelings of accomplishment attract the same and give rise to self worth and being content. If we don’t feel those emotions and qualities in us then we are drawn to behavior that reflects its own. Which for the point of this discussion are negative feelings.

Observing this in ourself is the key to unlocking the chains that hold us where we are. We need to do something that gives a feeling of accomplishment which will progress on itself and break us free of the feelings and emotions of the engram that holds us to itself. We then by accomplishing something, spark a engram that is in us that we have felt the emotion of success, content or accomplishment before. Its taking the baby steps of walking out of fear, pain and lack of self worth that can allow us to overcome.

I’m commenting about my own research, personal self work, a perception of God and the success and failure I have used to help myself. I don’t say any of this is easy or a simple question of “knowing”. On the contrary it is a fear of undertaking that can feel like success is measured in inches traveling miles.

For myself, admitting and recognizing their is no finish line is what helps me breath when the walls of fear appear to be caving in on me.

The saving grace I find is that if I do the math it all adds up. Not everyone wants to do the math though and others judge success on a completely different track. So success for me can appear as failure to them and the success so many want to wear looks to me like its made of plastic and is hollow inside.

I believe that this vague undertaking I am pointing too is the key to freeing people from many types of addictive behavior. Addiction is beyond drugs and alcohol and it runs rampid in our society. Obesity, smoking, residivism in our jails, even the news feeds a need to draw on emotions that damage our well being, induce stress and keep us locked in a desire for more.

Punishment for crimes and information of the emotional and physical consequences of the behavior does not fix the problem as the fear or consequences come after the engram that created the problem. The will of restraint cannot win the tug of war the engram puts on the unconscious intent.

In my next writing, “Something New Is Brewing”, I speak about the need to look into the problem to find the answer and as long as we don’t we will be trapped in circle of our own making. Stereotyping and public opinion is why we are the country who imprisons more of its own population then any other. We need to throw out our answer to fix the problem. It is a mechanism of our society to think the solution is the making of the problem and look to the problem to fix the problem which it can never do. Hate can not fix hate and punishment doesn’t heal the external symptoms of a internal scar.