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.  We don’t understand things as they are. We understand things from our ability to understand. Meaning its more about wanting to live in the limitations of what we know that threatens us from knowing anything more then what we do know.

The more willing we are to let go of what we know, the more apt we are to know what we don’t know. So if life is simply the abundance of experiencing everything, we then can serve our evolution by letting go of the constraints of what we think we know that conflicts with our experience of life and perceive the frustration in life as not frustration but instead the intelligence of life attempting to wake us up from what we think we know to what we don’t know.image

It’s that thought of good and bad that creates the perception of frustration, joy, satisfaction or failure we think that manifests the reality we live in.

“The same mind that created the problem can not solve the problem” Einstein

To live life in a different reality then the one we do, we need to alter the thoughts we think in regards to the experience of life we perceive that  in turn is the understanding of life we have.

How we think to our experience in life is the making of the reality we live in. The thinking of life in terms of good and bad is the origin of our emotions. Our emotions are not a reflection of our experience in life. They are a reflection of the thought we think to our experience in life.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” Shakespeare

So what we think too life is the emotion we experience from life. Life then is first and the thought we think is after the experience of the life we live. Realizing then that the thought we think is a reflection of life allows us to respond to life practically and not react to a emotion created from a thought. That in turn frees us of the thinking that traps us.