“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek” Joseph Campbell

It is easy to say “now” is all there ever is. I mean even if you aren’t here now and are lost in what you think you are, you still can grasp the concept of it. You do; however, have to be willing to look at it. Which from a standpoint or perspective can be seen as a starting point or a beginning.

Instead of getting wrapped around the pole of some quasi definition of a beginning or a certain level of achievement of letting go of tomorrow or yesterday, it might be more practical to say wherever we are, we are at the beginning of our journey. As there is no end to letting go so there is no beginning so wherever we are, we are at the entry point of beginning what we can never finish.

The word enlightenment is thrown around as though its a definition of achieving or the end of a journey. I say though, there is no end, no achievement and no enlightenment as you can never completely let go of life to be aware of it. The duality of experiencing life is the making of a perception of non duality.

“God is a step towards the Ultimate” The Upanishads

The one step we take in the moment of duality creates the vision of non duality. The awareness of one step is non duality as the path is duality. We are the non duality that lives in duality. The idea then of achieving awareness is a circular existence. We continually look to become what we already are.

Many words are used by the mind as way of letting the mind think it knows what it can never know. The mind can not know now. The part of us that is before we think we are experiences “now” by letting go of the thought that thinks it knows. So maybe using a word like acceptance when addressing awareness is recognizing we can never know what awareness is. That acceptance might be what allows us to let go of the idea of arriving at a place “I” can never get too.

Practically speaking, once you have arrived you have finished the journey. It is not to difficult to imagine there is never going to be a time when you have acceptance of life. As life always is and the “I” we think ourselves to be is looking to know what it never can.

That thought creates anxiety to the perception of “I” that looks to arrive or know. The anxiety is the fear that “I” clings to in thinking it knows. Anyone who challenges the perception of that illusory identity is met with resistance. The resistance is expressed, by those people who cling to a thought they think they are, with anger, hate and a need to control the belief in a illusion they think is real.

“I” is not real. It is a thought that thinks itself. It is a reflection if life. A shadow of what is. A echo of the voice of everything. The best “I” can do is reduce everything to a thought “I” can think it knows. So the something “I” thinks it knows is a illusion that gives the grasping nature of “I” a thought to think it is, which it isn’t.

So letting go then is at its best is the ability to begin what “I” can never finish. From that bleak acceptance of the realization of being everything and not knowing it, is what allows “I” the humbleness to surrender to the idea of what it looks to know but never will. That letting go of thinking what “I” am is being one with everything. The place that is itself without thinking itself. It is without thinking it is.

“Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be” Alan Watts