We always have the opportunity to look at our life in what ever way we choose. It’s looking at our perceived failure as an opportunity to grow that creates the success so many know. We may look at others and only see the mountain they climbed but we very rarely see inside them to know the pain, failure and fear they overcame to get where they are.

It’s about not giving up and being willing to walk through our failure that allows us to become what we only dream. If we don’t challenge ourself and be willing to exceed our perception of our own limitation then we only have dreams. It’s being willing to see the limitation we think in our mind that appears real and say no to it as we walk through it that enables us to become what we never thought we could. We don’t need to know what to do or where we areimage heading we just need the willingness to take the step which will walk us through our fear and exceed our limitation to materialize our dream.

It is the wisdom to look at the small things in us that enables us to not limit ourself. When we do see this, we realize there is no big or small fear. The willingness to walk through fear is the same regardless of the scope of it.

We may not realize that the problems in our life are our own making by not addressing our fear but instead turning away from it. So the continual small dramas we live in from relationships, work and our personal life are indicative of the large issues we eventually confront.

By taking the initiative to see the small ways we are not engaging life but ignoring it is the way for us to overcome the big hurdles that paralyze us. The dialogue we have in our head with ourself is the dialogue we have with life. We usually don’t acknowledge life though as a response to how we think. Instead we think life is happening outside us and we are trying to relate to life outside us and find the answers outside of us, to it.

That formula of “fixing” life only invents the problems we experience. So by taking the initiative to open ourself up to ourself is the making of how we come to terms with life and manifest the reality we experience in life by not letting our fear direct the small decisions we unconsciously make. Once we become aware of the small ways we let fear direct our life we then discover the answers to the questions we never knew.