Searching for no mind from mind is futile. It leaves you in a never ending circle of need. Whatever the meaning of enlightenment means to anyone it isn’t anything you can have or own and it doesn’t fall in your lap when you least expect it. If you need to think what it is, then it isn’t, is what is a better thought to think it is. Once you give up on trying to get there, you are there. Which is basically you are where you are without thinking what you are. Which is the answer to the Zen Masters question of, Who Are You? Which is I am as I am. imageWhich is not blasphemy. It just is what anybody is without the need to find something they think they are.

“I know there’s a place you walked       Where love falls from tress.                         My heart is like a broken cup.                   I only feel right on my knees                             I spit out like a sewer hole.                             Yet still receive your kiss                           How can I measure up to anyone now          After such a love as this     The Who, Who Are You

Letting go from the minds standpoint is a action. Letting go, though, is nothing more then being what we are before we think we are. The thought lives in a desire to think it is. What we are is before we think we are. So the idea of not thinking who I am is the action of nothing, not doing. The mind is a fairy tale that invents itself and wants to think it needs to do something to allow what already is, to be.

A perpetual state of awareness is a monomer. Granted if your Thay, a Monk, Rabbi, Priest etc. living in a sheltered world with no strife to provide for your self, it is much less of a fatigue “Being” without needing.

You can’t judge someone by their ability to see past the illusion of life to “what is” by how they live their life. As that is only the action of what they are forced to think they are in the dream of duality. You can not rise above duality by seeing non duality. Knowing doesn’t relieve anyone from the struggle. The struggle is the path we all are on. The Dukkha we all face. Knowing the illusion of the struggle does not remove the struggle.

“Yeah, a storm is threatening               My very life today.      If I don’t get some shelter                       Lord I’m gonna fade away.                         Oh, see the fire is sweeping                     At our streets today                         Burnin’ like a red coal carpet                           A mad bull lost its way Yah, a storm is threatening                  My very life today        A gimme, a gimme shelter.                        Or I’m gonna fade away The Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter

To see the path of nirvana does not exclude anyone from it. As the nirvana is experienced on the path of it in duality. You can’t own the path or “have it”. It is always a destination. Non duality is the step taken in duality. The singleness of the moment of the step is what allows non duality to be. The struggle is what allows the awareness so one is to the other as it is to another. You can only have one in your pocket by having the other in the other pocket. Being a reflection in the mirror of ourself is at its best knowing we are taking the step we are in the moment to be what we already are. The idea of achieving  something in the next step is the making for a existence of trying to become what we already are.

We are, so we can be.