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imageIf God is, I Am That I Am, then to communicate to God I need to speak to the part of me that is before I think I am to connect to what I am.

So as I ask God for direction, I let go of the thought that stands between who I think I am and The I Am That I Am.

“Those who leave everything in Gods hands will eventually see Gods hands in everything” thesouldoctor

So as I talk to God I let go of the idea of who I am to be with what ever I am that isn’t the thought of what I am. I ask or speak for insight, acceptance, direction, strength, willingness with a abandon of need or want. I find the place in me without a desire to have and speak to that.

That sounds unsound to the idea of who I am. So its by realizing why that sounds unsound that I can see the space between the thought that thinks itself and the place that is without thought.  The clarity to connect to the space behind the thought that lives in itself is the place of silence that does not question itself. It is without knowing it is.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind” Carine Myss

The juxtapose of this dilemma of quieting the mind to see past the thoughts that obstruct a connection to “The I Am That I Am” is that the thought wants you to think you need to be free of it to find the peace your searching for.

So in essence the thought convinces you that you need it to escape it which is a oxymoron. The thought then keeps you in a paradox of itself by recreating itself in a need to free itself of itself, which it can never do.

So it might seem more suitable to escape the thought by the experience of it. Just as you know which path to take in the jungle escaping the lion by hearing its roar, then you do deciding which way is best when the threat is subdued and it is quiet waiting to prance on you.

So the fruit that feeds the ego in thinking it is okay might just be the quicksand that is under the thought as it leads you its way. The candy that feeds the ego will eventually run dry and the forest of choice can quickly turn into the dessert of thirst.

The Dukkha then might be the awareness of the path to walk out of the strangle hold of wanting to be happy. Happy feeds the need that is never filled. The Dukkha is the path that shows the impermanence of life and the birth in death.

That does not seem like a fitting choice to make when the spoils of “having” are filling your basket of need. So maybe the words of men like Buddha and Jesus used terms like “faith” for us to be willing to choose what we might not find fitting but recognize that salvation isn’t a thought to be owned. Its a path to follow that is what it is as it is. Which means once you stop to own the view, you are no longer walking the path.

So I look to ask and receive by letting go of the need to be happy or have and in doing so I walk in today with out a fear of yesterday and a need for tomorrow. The direction I get from God is the step I am taking now which I can only know when I am the step and not a thought that thinks the path to go. I know by letting go and walking with the freedom from the thought that needs to know.