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We use words to give us a feeling that we understand. Yet often the word is a definition that makes the essence of it more complicated to understand. Once we “understand” it, we often have to further understand it. As though there is more to it then what the word we understand implies. Then the word we understand is not understood the same as others understand it. So we come to haveimage a vocabulary of understanding that is unique for each of us. So when one of us says something using different words in multiple sentences the probability of understanding what someone is saying is more often then not, not understood as it was meant.

“All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make our world” Buddha

Even in a collective sense where people are looking to find unity there is still dissent. At its best the ability to use a word to point in a direction of implied comprehension is more unifying then maybe asking everyone to agree on what a word means.

Comprehending this might be less useful in bringing about “understanding” then it is in recognizing the limitations of it. So maybe recognizing the root cause of misunderstanding can provide acceptance of it and not frustration over it.

Our “reality”, which is interpreted from the identity we have of ourself is unique to each of us. My reality is not the same as any one others. Each is unique to oneself. We can have more in common with some but even then what we have in common with someone is still yet uncommon to the degree of scrutiny we give it.

The duality itself we each behold is unique in its content but the same in its context. The Scrutiny, so to say, is unique to our own duality but the context of it we have to each other is the same, ie. Duality to non-duality is the same, the understanding of non-duality to duality is unique.

The inability we can recognize in each other to have the ability to see reality in the same understanding can free us of the fight we have to be what we can’t. Recognizing the limitations we have is the keyhole of unlocking the conflicts we create.

“A mans got to know his limitations” Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry

Spirituality then is a misnomer if it is defined. As no one can have the same meaning of it. Some may share words in defining it but those words used in defining it have a unique meaning to each individual as it is more personally felt.

So maybe a better word to use in understanding spirituality in a communal sense is one that has a broader definition then a finite one.

If spirituality is a reflection of the ability to be close to the spirit we are and not the illusion we think, then using broad terms of awareness might be more unifying. We might then “think” of spirituality as a “Focus”. The more we can focus our mind, the more trained our mind becomes, as our mind is the vector of communication we have in comprehension. So then the more useful we maybe in using it. might serve a more purposeful way of indulging it.

If meditation can be looked at as a way of clarity then it could be seen as a way to subdue the chaos of a cluttered mind. That would allow the seas of thought to settle so the intention of “A” thought can ripple across the consciousness of life to manifest the reality we look to create or have.

The idea of using words like “maybe” or “sort of” are done so to allow each of us to “think” in the unique way we all do and find the common in the uncommon. The non-duality in duality. As its only in branching over our differences that we can look to a collective appreciation of anything. The acceptance of us all, as our own unique expression of reality can be the definition of reality. So my reality is not right or wrong as anyone else’s reality is not right or wrong. If the  reality we all share is the reality we experience, then maybe spirituality might be the ability to focus our mind on the context of reality and not the content of it. That soup so to say of our reality is the one of all of us that we might look to from our own unique contribution to it. We are individually influencing a collective appreciation of a universal consciousness.

We still can have a identity in our uniqueness but recognize its that individuality of everyone that creates the picture of reality we live in. Purposeful thinking might be, the awareness of both. The ability to focus our individual spirituality in thought  and the unified identity we create that is shared.

What if we are not meant to be a collective group of zombies with one hunger for the taste of  flesh, instead we have a infinity of tastes we bring to the table of life that we enjoy as one buffet to each his own.

The fruit of one, is to another, as it is to its own.