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“Prosperity is a great teacher; adversity is a greater. Possession pampers the mind; privation trains and strengthens it.” William Hazlitt We can’t help but think to grade our life, asking ourselves continually “how well or bad am I doing”. We consciously and unconsciously continually think these thoughts as we grade our life in a constant flux of how we perceive it. Our perspective of success and failure are the subjects we grade our life by. Such is our career, marriage, status and recognition, the car we drive, the house we live in, the kind of people we can call friends, the perception others have of ourself and so on & on. Its usually not till we perceive failure in our life that we come to examine our life. For as long as life is meeting our needs then we assume we are “doing well”. As though that is what life is meant to be. Graded for doing well. We think we will die in comfort thinking we have done or accomplished well in life. So we look at our failures as not “doing well” in life and judge our self worth on all those conditions we think exemplify a worthy life. image   What if life is not about “doing well”. What if life is not graded on the thought we think we are achieving. What if life is completely outside the box we think it is and we are lost in the thought we think it is. If that is the case then the words of our prophets are attempting to point that out to us and we don’t see it because we think it is what we think it is. Then we in turn think the prophet in a box that fits our perception of what we think they are saying and what we think life is. That perception then can only be challenged and overcome when failure, hurt and fear threaten our thought of what life is. The good we think in life will only reinforce what we think in life. So then the, so called, failure in life can be our awakening to what life really is and not the thought of good and bad we think it is. What if life is nothing more then to be lived and loved. The pain and the joy are one in the same. By having one we have the other. They are what we experience living life and they are not the value of life. So if there is no good or bad to grade life then we aren’t judging ourself or others on how we perceive life. If we don’t judge our self worth and idolize others on the success of life then we won’t judge ourselves and others on the failures of life. We will see the beauty in both and look at the struggle as what allows us to love far more then a thought of ourself or others, ever could.