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   Life has such a beautiful way

of waking us up

To the beauty in it

and us

In our younger years

we always wanted a full cup

As that is the thought

That filled us up

image  Getting older though

We come to see

The more we give

The more we receive

We then came to think

We create the beauty we see

As though, we do

so life can be

The more we do though

The more we come to know

Nothing is more

Then what life shows

No matter how fast or hard

we strive to become

We already are what life is

Before we are done

So the thought

That wants to stay

begins to fade

to the idea of a new day

The hurt and the pain

Is the other side of the glory and the gain

They are what we are

Neither is good or bad

They are life letting us now

what we already have