“If you wish to see the truth then hold no opinions for or against anything. To set up what you like against what you dislike” Seng  T’san

The answers to the problems in life are inside us if we look for them. The reflection is what is outside us and as such it can not heal us, it can only help us look inside us for the calamity and despair we see and feel outside of us. So its not till we start taking the baby steps of internalizing our perceived reality and observing how it is a reflection of what is in us. Then we can fix the perception outside of us by fixing the thought inside of us that creates it.

What any Therapist, Spiritual healer, Rabbi, Pastor, Priest or Prophet does is give us tools to help us look inside us to examine the thoughts we think that effect the life we live. Such is a “Mental Scientist” the one who heals us by affording us the opportunity to learn how to think differently to manifest the reality we wish to experience.

Society looks to define hate as something outside us. As though the person who hates does so because of that. Hate does not live outside us, so we can’t define it outside ourself. It is inside us and if we never look inside us for it we will never cure ourselves of it.

There is no such thing as a Racist, Bigot, Dogmatizer,  Nationalist, Supremacist… Sure some people want to think they are or label others but non one hates some else for what they are. Instead they hate themselves for what they think they are and look outside them self, to protect them self, from them self which they can never do. The hate someone expresses to another is the hate they think to them self.

If we as a society keep looking to define hate, we are a horse following a imaginary carrot we think is perched in front of our face.

We can not label the thought outside us to rid the thought of hate inside us. We need to discover the thought in us that is possessing us, to remove the hate we perceive outside of us. Once we find that thought inside us and walk through it, we will find the fear attached to the thought that created it isn’t real. As the thought is removed from us so will the fear in us as will the hate we feel and project out of us.

Gandhi “The problem is fear, we think its hate but it’s not, it is fear.