. “Take me out tonight, where there’s music and there’s people, and they’re young and alive, driving in your car, I never want to go home, because I haven’t got one anymore” The Smiths, There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


Sometimes I think I need more then I have, which creates a thought I want to own. The thought isn’t real though, it doesn’t have a home.

By letting go, I come to see. I am everything already I could ever be.

The feeling of being okay, it comes and goes from time to time. Once I let go though, everything is always fine.

My okay, may not be the thought of someone else’s idol. It isn’t owned by a church but it does live in the light of a candle

It gets me through the night. Regardless of what others think is wrong or right

The place of comfort I think to go now and then fades away but what I am is not the thought I let stay

Feeling good or bad are thoughts that stray, if I let go though, everything is always okay

I’m not sure of much although I use to think I was. It’s what I wanted you to know, because.

The idea of today I want to hold, gets old, like a pair of jeans I owned to long. As does the thought that keeps me company and makes me feel like I belong.

Seeing the idea others cling too, believing its who they are, makes it comforting to see I don’t wish to think that far.

So letting go isn’t that bad, especially when you realize the thought never cared.

What ever I think I am is only a dream to a audience of one, who thinks it means more then it seems

Even though what I think is at its last quid, the thought does not want me to let go, as it was all it ever did

Holding onto to me thinking itself real, was the only life it ever had. It survived by making me believe in good and bad .

The fear of leaving something not real, is the alchemy of a thought pretending to feel.

The soul that connects to all of us is the light that can never go out, as its more then the Sun and the Moon as it is the creation of what above us is about

“oh I’m on my way, I know I am. Somewhere not so far from here” Cat Stevens