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.  We set our own expectations and limitations on ourself. Whether that is established through childhood conditioning, past experiences or current life conditions, it is our perception that molds our reality. The ability I have to overcome those self made limitations is recognizing in myself the behavior, thoughts and reactions to life that I respond with, to it.image

Its my choice, that I usually make unconsciously that creates my reality. It doesn’t take a enlightened individual to become conscious of unconscious behavior. What it does take is the willingness to say no to the behavior “I” chooses that are counterproductive thoughts, emotions and actions which create the reality of their own.

What I have to do to manifest the reality of my choice is ask myself is the behavior I am engaging helping myself or hurting myself. Being objective and overcoming the emotion that wants to control the situation is the letting go that creates the reality I choose to have.

Whatever I am is the problem or the answer. Looking to what “I am” is, is what gives me objective perspective to be aware of my unconscious behavior. The subjective reaction to life is what keeps me in a circle of gain and loss. Seeing that Paradigm with the willingness to change it allows me to be free of the thinking that controls me and be one with life as it is outside the thought that wants to think it.