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What I see and what I think is not reality. It is the reality I project and subsequently live in. The ideas I think about this or that are what I believe this or that is. So “what is” to me is not what is, it’s what I think it is. Which is not what it is.

To expand my perception I need to let go of the thoughts that limit it. So by not judging the situation as good or bad that threatens me or compliments me allows me to react to the situation objectively as it is and not the good and bad I think it is, subjectively.

My limitations dissolve when I remove the thought I put in front of them.imageSo what ever life puts in my path, I can grow from life by experiencing it and not judging it. The “What is” which is life is before I think it is so I need to be aware of what I think in front of “what is” to expand my perception and not be trapped in a thinking that creates a cage that holds me captive in a reality that is a illusion created by the thought I think. This is the making of the limitations I create that control me.

I am a product of life. When I think what I am, I am taking credit for life. Life, though,  is before the thought I think it is. Just as life can not be known, as it is everything or infinity so my perception can always grow as there is always a infinity more to know. Realizing I have no beginning or end is what makes the thought that needs to know feel empty and live in fear.

Awakening to the death of “I am” is is the fear that initially feels like a failure but then it frees me from the chains or control my mind lives in and awakens me to the heaven or infinity that is more than “I” could ever know.