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  If life is a reflection of “what is” which is the life it is without the thought it thinks it is. Then the purpose of what “I am” is soley to experience “what is”.

Then ” what is” is what created “I am”. So the thought of who I am is the reason of “what is”.  The world then is to serve image“I am” as it is “what is” wants to think it is, to see itself, ie. the master and its creation, the father and its son.

So I can choose the image of the world “I” wishes to be, as the world is what “I” decides to see. The same as the father gives the son what he needs to become the image of himself he wants him to be.

Awareness of what “I” is the reflection of, is what gives the son the tools he needs to be, just as awareness is what allows “I” or the son to recieve from the world or its father what it is to become.

How I embrace life is the same as the son looks to his father. So then making of what “I” perceives is in turn how the son is provided for by his creator that he knows will give to him whatever he needs without a thought that needs to know. The life of the son is a reflection of the father he wishes to become.