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image       In the field of medicine there is term called hemostasis. It represents the balance the body maintains over itself in countless ways to regulate itself and survive and respond to conditions that effect it internally like disease and malnutrition and externally like how the body relates to the changing environment and physical conditions that effect it. This type of hemostasis is achieved without the intellect of thought. The body has a intelligence of its own that far exceeds the threshold of what the mind can think or know.

Granted we may consciously choose to run, hide or stand still to the threat of a bear but the adrenaline response the body creates to allow the mechanisms of flight or fight are more then profound. The myriad of examples of this hemostasis is beyond count as is shown in the complex relationships in how the body maintains a certain hemostasis of the correct amounts of calcium, iron and potassium to allow the heart muscle fibers to contract or the simple expression of hair follicles and the individual construct of the dermis layers of skin on a mammal which allow them to survive the climate challenges it experiences. We consciously and subconsciously look to be in tune to that infinite intelligence in a process we call spirituality, devotion to a religion we look too or how we live in a fundamental understanding of the thought that thinks only what it knows. Granted there is different levels of each as none of us are black and white on the concept of either. We normally look to find a balance between the two to survive. As one is challenged we can look to make it grow or look to the other to compensate for what we do not know.

That process of a medical hemostasis is the same conceptually to our life and even specifically to the aspects of a spiritual existence. Some can say I only need to look at the thought of this God or this book but even then there is a  search in us to help us digest what we look to learn. That can be a process we explore and look to continually grow. Be it going to church, the Synagogue, meditation, practicing acts of kindness, eating a more balanced diet or mindful choices of food, reading a scripture, book, a collection of books or journals that target certain practices we look to know better… The list goes on with out a end the ways we can get in touch with the intelligence of our creation.

Even then in looking to a practice we use, be it a example of Worship or devotion of any kind there are times when we feel more or less in tune to the practice we use to get close to the light we want to feel and know.

This is were the discussion changes from a impersonal approach to a personal approach. Some of us feel our way through life easier, some of us think our way, others communicate to each other and still others look to nature or what have you in our own way. Anyway way we do it, we are trying to get in touch with something we do not know but want to be close too, so escaping the limitations of what we think we know is essential to know what we don’t know.

Greek Mythology was and is a example of the metaphorical expression of a awareness we cannot know. Like the intelligence that creates a storm or heats the sun. So they created Gods like Poseidon, Helios , Apollo, Neptune and so on. The same metaphorical realization of this back then can be seen behind the beliefs of a religious God or practice of Zen today. The obedience, loyalty, wrath and reward are the essence of what is then and now.

So if I choose a personal approach to connect to the God of my understanding I might look to enhance the ability I have in me to appreciate better what is bringing down the walls of thought that keep me in a cage of what I understand. To bring down that cage I can use different techniques to subdue my mind.

In this writing alone I have used such techniques although they may not be known to the reader they still apply whether you know it or not.   So the slow process of identifying with the reality we understand in the thoughts of muscles, nutrients, nature and our own hand to the visualization of the spiritual world of Gods, Goddesses, mystics, Sages and things we don’t know brings us to the non conceptual awareness that lives behind what we understand.

A simple straight forward technique I like to offer you to try, is a practice I use initially to help me get closer to where I want to be. If you are like me and have a inquisitive nature then your willing to give something you don’t know a try if the source seems like something that is a resemblance of who you are, what you like and wish to be.

So I always enjoy discovering something I don’t know and I’m not the inventor of anything I only try to pass it on so what I learn and what I share is to me my own as it is to the person who learns.

Before reading anything you find inspirational or evening something benign, like starting your day be it meditation or a morning run. Give yourself 5 or 10 minutes alone. Sit in a room with a candle in front of you. Either on a table or in your hand. Light the candle and look at the flame. See the core of it in yellow, orange and red. Then look to the peripheral edges of the flame and observe the glow it has around it. At first it might not be seen but if you relax and let go of the stare but feel the flame with your mind you will see the glow around the flame. Stay with that process and observe how you look at the flame as it will change the way it appears. After you blow out the candle close your eyes and see that same glow even though you are looking with your eyes closed. Observe that for a minute or two and then begin your day how ever you do.

It’s not important to know what that is doing as it does regardless of what you think. If you haven’t practiced this before and you give it a try I hope you find a reward in it for growth in discovering you as letting go of the thought that knows, is what allows the term “even flow”.