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  “Sometimes the bad things that happen in our life put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us”  Buddhist Proverb

“whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted” Psalms

“imagine there’s no heaven                   its easy if you try       no hell below us     above us only sky”             John Lennon


In trying to understand life we can complicate it by how we define it. A word like God creates so much thought. What if the meaning of God is actually the absence of thought. The willingness to “Be” with out the need to think “I am”.

Then the answer we are seeking is the problem we are creating. Letting go of the need to think what God or “I” believes what we should do is what might allow us to know what to do. If, whatever, God is, is life. Then by thinking a God or “I” which is the same creation of thought both are formed from, separates us from Life which is the manifestation of, what ever, God is. Then to define either creates the Hell we live in. If we are stuck in the thought that we think we are then we are lost to the “I” that thinks itself and God.

What if instead of using names to describe a prophet or the image of “God” we used the terminology “Mental Scientist”. Then we wouldn’t look for salvation in the thought that creates what we think we are we would look to the word of it as a way to untangle ourselves in the thinking that creates ourselves and the perception of thought we think, that we live in. We then wouldn’t have attachment to someone or something. We would look to the words as tools to free ourself of ourself and not think our salvation but look to life as the teacher of our salvation as it is what we are. We don’t think life we live life. So being trapped in the thought we think life separates us from the life we live. So if everything is, whatever, God is, then looking at life is what knowing what God means and not thinking what God is.

Our fear then is a construct of our thinking. Then the way to rid ourselves of fear is to not think. Thought looks to take credit for what we think we have but whatever we have is life not the thought that thinks it. Our fear is the imaginary thought that takes credit for life. Life, though, is without the need of a thought to think it. Fear is either what keeps us trapped in the thought of it by us trying to escape it or it is our path to salvation as walking through our fear reveals to us the illusion of the thought that creates it. Fear then is only our enemy if we try to escape the thought of it. If we look in it then we overcome it.

So as I think it, “I” creates the false reality it thinks it is. The answer then to finding, what ever, God is, is realizing the thoughts we think are the making of a false God that isn’t.

God is life which is not a thought we can think. We can only let go and be what we are which is what Life is.