Thought enables time. The idea of achieving something takes the unending, infinite presence and defines it. Defining something is like a period. It stops it. It takes infinity and puts it in a box of understanding that isn’t real. That understanding is a false perception that looks to think it knows and in doing that it no longer does. To think “I” know is a thought that doesn’t know but thinks it does know.

By letting the mind believe it understandsimage “what is”, a perception of reality is defined by the limitations of what “I” thinks.  “I” can never understand “what is” as it is everything and the brain that thinks “I” can not know everything.

So, “I” survives by attachment to what it thinks which is fear based because the thought that think it is isn’t real but looks to it as what it is which it isn’t. “What is” is the nothing that allows everything to be. Nothing is not a thought. You can not think nothing. Nothing is everything that can be.

Something originates from nothing. The something is the thought that is known but is only a reflection as it is not real but originates from the nothing it never knows.

The perception of time allows something to believe it knows nothing which it can never do.  Its the idea of stopping the infinity of nothing to know something that allows “I” to think it is. Which of course it isn’t because nothing or “what is” is before “I” thinks it is.