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“What is, is before I am, all thoughts fall when this is seen”

“Die before you die,  then you will never die”

“Who ever discovers the true meaning of these words will not taste death

The one who sees should not stop seeking until he finds And when he finds he will be dismayed

And when he is dismayed he will be astonished

And he will be king over all  J.C.

image   When I started to die on the outside and the light began to shine on the inside, many different things began to happen or I should say were perceived.

For all intensive purposes it was only my perception that saw anything. Anyone else saw someone destroying them self for no apparent reason and wrote me off as a waste of a good life.

What I felt and observed both in myself and observing myself, make words hard to find. I felt like I was being ripped in half. One part of me was dying a slow, miserable, self inflicted death as another part of me became aware of what no one else could see.

Certain things started to happen, but a better word for it would be witnessed. As I know today certain events I perceived in that “dead state” are always happening. We are to alive in the dream of thought to see it.

“Times have changed

and times are strange

Here I come but I ain’t the same

Mama I’m coming home” Ozzy

“One instant is a eternity

Eternity is now

When you see through this one instant

You see through the one who sees ” Wu Men