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The messenger is often hidden to us in what we wouldn’t expect. The idea that we know how God, what ever he is, is coming to us is the making that keeps us trapped in the God we think.
Awakening to the message in life is looking at life in everything and not what I think the good or bad of life is. If I judge life then I live in a life of what I think it is. If I have acceptance of life as it is and not as I think it is, I then am not controlled by what I think and feel. That allows me a perspective of non duality in duality to receive the intelligence that creates life to direct my life.
So when confronting the so called ” good” or  “bad” feelings that create the emotions that look to own me in feelings of anger, happy, sadness and joy, it is then that I ask, what ever God is, to direct me past the limited perception I have that effects me in how I think and feel. Most of us become the emotion we feel. If we feel angry or happy we think we are that. We become the emotion. We are not the emotion. We are a consciousness experiencing that motion. The ability we have in observing the emotion we feel us what separates us from it and in doing that we respond from the consciousness we are and not the thought we think we are. That there is the difference between a finite intelligence of our brain that thinks and the infinite intelligence of our creation that is before we think.

My emotions want to own me and control me and I use them like a drug if I let them. It’s experiencing the emotion with awareness that I am not it but the observer of it, that lets me use the emotion as a medicine to see the answer I do not see, that is in front of me.
Life is teaching me on the mountain peaks in the highs I both see and feel outside of me and the valleys of my lows that cause me to pause and reflect inside me.
The fence between the two is what allows either to be. The awareness of that is what allows me to be the destiny life chooses for me and not what I think it should be.