Overcoming Adversity. That can mean a lot. How important is it to define the adversity in order to over come it? That’s probably a self answered question. Some people charge forward in life without ever looking back on their struggles while some use their past failures as a blueprint for success.
Two questions worth asking ourself that may not be easily answered. What is one thing I can do at this moment to manifest my destiny? What am I doing now that is holding me back?
At times in life we can project to far and feel helpless in the moment. We look at the destination instead of where our feet are at and feel lost. Others walk with a passion for the future that enables them to find it. Whether we are empowered enough to see a visionary goal in the far distance or are feeling lost in the direction to walk the only step that matters is the one we are taking now. So whether we see ourselves as Bill Gates creating a world wide empire of technology or J. R, Rowling working through welfare and raising a family. It is the decision we make now that creates tomorrow.
Answering those two questions from the standpoint of simplicity of this moment or the complex vision of a tomorrow is the same step imageeither one is taking one step now.
What step am I taking now for tomorrow? That is the self asked question that builds the courage to overcome our own insecurity or fear of achieving or the one that opens the gate for the sprinter ready to dash into the race of their own making.
How important is courage and self confidence if the person is taking the step forward regardless of the two? Is self confidence some inbreed arrogance of attaining or is it the product of walking through fear and doubt one step at a time to get to the next step on the ladder?
Success is a proverbial word that is answered by our own definition. That definition of success is our perception and the perception we have is a result of the experiences we have had and our awareness to them. Both our experiences today and the awareness we gain from them can effect our definition of success today, in our past and what we look for in tomorrow.
Awareness is something not easily defined to one answer but for the sake of this writing awareness is looked at the ability to perceive reality from what it actually is and not what we think it is.
Some may may think what is the difference between the two and move on without a care. Others may say what is the difference between the two and reflect on how my perception is a consequence of how I think. What I choose to think is the making of that perception. By choosing to consciously think I create my reality.
A insult to one person is a attack on their character that they defend while a insult to someone else might be a catalyst of self examination that helps them turn over a new leaf or recognize a new path to take. So the emotion of how we respond is the chisel we create ourself with.
It’s looking at ourself in a objective light that creates the subjective way we feel or see it.
These are the steps of walking out of a perceived failure today and into the success we manifest tomorrow.